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Orion fumes at Xag's failure & Sianna'Q faces her past

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA


by Liandra

Double inverted commas - for verbal conversation.
Single inverted commas - for transmitting silently to another character.
Zero inverted commas - for thoughts.
Artwork by Angelheart
'Storm brewing in the Heavens'
Part one
The palace shook with each footfall, as Orion stormed into the high-ceilinged chamber. His dark eyes scoured the hall, seeking out the weak link in the maze of events that had ultimately failed.

"Xag!" His voice thundered through the Nebula, sending shock waves into the imprisoned souls. "You cannot hide forever. I will seek you out." His shaggy brow darkened in anger, distorting his sardonic face, as he slumped into his throne of gold, "Where is that imbecile?"

"I am here, Master."

"You have failed me...again!" He stood up abruptly, his fists clenched tightly at his side. "Get on your knees." The scent of fear empowered him, as Xag, with his reptilian tail dragging behind, humbled himself at his feet. Ah! This is nectar to my soul -- if I had one!

"What excuses have you fabricated this time - that may sway my decision to have you exiled within my nebula?"

"I have no excuses, Master. The Sarandor'Q had gathered many tribes unknown to us, as well as their own shape-shifters. I had the foresight to carry out a reliable plan, and sent several hundred Ch'Hogs and slaves down to the lower levels of Earth, and that was before the lava filled the cavern. All is not lost."

"Your action has just saved your miserable life." He floated high above the ground, his eyes boring into Xag, who had prostrated himself on the floor. Then with speed, he closed the gap between them. He pondered on why he kept the disgusting beast. There's no other, that I'm aware of, without a heart or soul, apart from myself, of course. My creation from eons ago, has become a simpering menace. I'll send him back to Erteisia, and when Erte's all mine, I'll feed him to my dogs!

"Gather as many Ch'Hogs as you can, then return to Erteisia." Hovering above Xag, he added, "Go deep into the heart of Earth and destroy its soul, Gaia, and then take care of the crystal creature that's assisting her. Once the planet implodes, Erte will be my bride." He rubbed his hands together in eagerness of their future union.

"What about Earth's gold?" Xag asked, puzzled by the change of order.

"Work the slaves ruthlessly. They are closer to the truth than I anticipated. Once the planet implodes, her wealth will be scattered throughout the void. As for my adversaries, they will be annihilated."

He floated down to his throne, satisfied that the creature Xag had the fore-sense to divert his warriors and slaves deep into the Earth.

"Did you say lava just now? You have been foiled - lava cannot appear from nowhere," he roared. "The shape-shifters have fooled you!"

He jumped to his feet and loomed over Xag, revolted by the fear in his bulging eyes. "So, how did the warriors and slaves get past the lava? Or maybe they were swallowed up by it!" He took no pleasure in seeing a commander of his warriors tremble; it was the only way to instill in its unintelligent brain, that if he failed he would spend eternity in the Nebula. "Get out of here and gather the elite warriors together."

He slumped back into his throne. With a strained hushed voice, he warned Xag, "This time you will not fail me. These warriors are the elite of the best. Lose just one, and you will join the prisoners in the nebula for infinity." Whipping him until his brains gushed out, and ran down his grotesque body, would bring me great satisfaction. "Go, before I change my mind and have you flogged."

"Where's Phaedra?"

The gold double doors opened. The vision of beauty that floated across the hall was not Phaedra. Not even the sheer, gossamer veil she wore, accentuating her curvaceous body, could appease his anger.

"You're not Phaedra!" She betrayed me to the Sarandor'Q. I will have her sought out and punished. He paced the paved floor of gold, bashing his right fist into his palm, continuously. She will never replace Erte who will sit at my side. Together we will rule over the Nebula, and when I'm victorious, Sarandor'Q will be next!

He turned abruptly. "Be gone Xag." His dark scowl issued a warning. "I don't want to lay eyes on you until the Sarandor'Q are annihilated.

His thoughts shifted to the vision of beauty that he had cast aside. He felt her lingering, hiding from him. I'll coerce her out of her hiding place -- should she not obey me, I'll force her. "You may show yourself now."

Her veils were the colours of a rainbow as they floated behind and around her. Her long, dark hair shimmered with crystals, and her smile softened his cold heart, as he reached out and grabbed hold of her soft, pliant body.

In the distance, the sound of his armada leaving the Nebula was like the hum of wasps preying on sweet carcasses, which in turn, heightened his deviant passion.
Part two - Erteisia

A rush of cold air from the valley below sent a shiver through Sianna'Q, as she stood at the edge of the flight tunnel. She took a deep breath and tasted the sweetness of the scent from the forest. Her senses were finely tuned since her transformation from a human child into a woman.

Was she really that little girl living with her grandmother and enjoying the darkness of the coal shed with her friend, Ishlyna. I remember Crystal sitting on a snowdrop under the apple tree, and now she's in the core with Gaia.

"There you are, we've been looking for you," Solace wrapped his arms around her. "What's wrong?"

"I've remembered almost everything. I was a little girl in my human form, who loved the snow in Earth's winter." She looked directly into his eyes. "You have known all along, haven't you - why didn't you tell me?"

"When has there been time to have a decent conversation between plotting and planning our every step?"

"I'll admit there hasn't been much space between battles."

"Our priority is, and has been with Gaia and liberating Erte."He placed his hands on her shoulders as he spoke. "Yes, you have made great sacrifices - even as a human child you chose to journey through the portal to the unknown."

"I had my Fairy friends and that devilish Jack Frost who set me up in the first place." She sighed, "I wonder where he is now."

"You will have all the answers in time, for now I want to hold you and taste you."

She felt her pulse quicken, awakened by the electric flow in her body. Intense feelings long withheld were unleashed as she relinquished control, allowing the essence of whom she was, to merge with her Soul Mate.

Humming sounds permeated their heavenly space, as they emerged into reality all too soon.

"Look, Solace." Sianna'Q pointed to the sky, as the armada of ships came into view.


They took flight to the cavern where the slaves and warriors were cleaning up bodies and carcasses. Disabled robots now stood silent. Who will take control now? She had hoped the slaves would build a peaceful community, but now that was not an option. They were at the mercy of Orion's minions once again, and that spelt death.

"Sianna'Q, gather the young slaves, and take them to the lifts -- oh and take those young Ch'hogs, they look lost and afraid."

They were brainwashed into obedience, and it didn't take long to herd them onto the wooden lifts. Satisfied that they were at least partially safe, she returned to the city of dread. 'Oh- no! Where are the children we rescued, Solace?'

'They are safe, my love,' he transmitted. 'Don't worry.'

A sudden chill raced through her body as a shadow fell over the tunnel. The blue sky was now dark with Orion's ships. How many for heaven's sake? She turned swiftly and slammed into Shaendor.

'Shaendor -- just in time, we are about to fight a battle we cannot win.'

'Take another look at the sky, Sianna'Q.'

She turned. The ships were not from Sarandor'Q or Orion's Nebula. 'Where are they from?'

'Don't you recognize them? They are from the future. They will move to the other side of the planet, waiting in shadow.'

His smile strengthened her resolve, which had taken a plunge when Orion's ships appeared, or so she thought.

Orion's plan to take Erte is more than just for his pleasure, he will stop at nothing to own her, and use her essence to create new worlds for him to rule.'

'How can he? Her Soul mate will never allow that to happen.'

'Ra seeks to be free of his confines, and only his Soul Mate, Erte, can release him from the Sun." He pounded the ground with his stave; sparks flew in all directions from the impact. 'He will not leave her alone, he watches over her while she holds the Earth on its axis. Search your vision, Sianna'Q, you know the future, use it and remember why you are here in the past.'

His eyes searched hers. His gaze penetrated deep into her mind.

'I remember my life as a human child who loved the snow and who went through many changes and challenges to arrive here.' He probed deeper. 'I remember everything about my past beyond Inner Earth. I have forgotten my future life.' Shaendor grabbed her hands, 'Look again into my eyes and see...'

She felt herself drawn into the blue of his eyes. 'I see a planet just like Earth. There's a difference though -- it's without the density of Earth, beautiful and innocent, without scars or deep wounds.' She looked deeper. 'I see myself in my heavenly body with Solace.'

Shaendor pulled her back, 'Now look again and feel what you see.'

There was a feeling of dread as she witnessed the throes of a dying planet. In slow motion it imploded, and scattered its remains throughout the galaxy. "NO..." she screamed.

'Sianna'Q, come back now.'

Shaendor's voice echoed through her mind as she fought to return to the moment. 'Come back, you're quite safe.'

She rubbed her eyes with her fingers, 'Let's get on with it then, -- we will overcome Orion, free Erte and secure Gaia.'

'There is another that needs your attention, have you forgotten?'

"Crystal!" Her hands went up to her face in shock at her negligence of one of the bravest beings she had ever known.

'Crystal is happy and at home in the Shinza. She has the world at her feet, so to speak.' He smiled, and touched Sianna'Q's forehead with his fingers as he spoke, 'She says to tell you that she has the best job in the planet, and doesn't want to leave.'

"Sianna'Q," a familiar voice yelled.

"Coming," she replied as she turned and saw Zenak waving at her.

"We're evacuating the young, it's time to prepare." His voice was urgent as he waved his arms.

"I have to..." Shaendor had disappeared.

The cavern was empty. Fires were now flickering in the throes of death. The coldness began to seep into her. Haunting quiet and stillness disturbed only by the whimpering of a child in the far end of the cavern, made her edgy. Reminiscent of statues, the monstrous robots were still and lifeless. The cages were empty, as were the ramshackle huts that housed the poor creatures that had slaved in the mines, for the greed of Orion.

A jackal and its mate slithered past, seeking left over carcasses of dead animals and slaves. They stopped suddenly, and sniffed a small bundle of cloth, ignoring her as she sidestepped them and the bundle. A tiny hand flopped out, as one jackal used its snout to uncover its next meal. She shooed them away and covered her nose and mouth as she uncovered the newborn - Not a chance in hell for this little one -- then picked it up in the rags and placed it gently in a hut, closing the door behind her. The others had long gone beyond the cavern. She realized that she hadn't even thought of changing to 'shadow' and flying. She had to be sure there weren't any children hiding in fear.


Sianna'Q travels back along the Time Line and births as a human baby. Her mission: prevent Orion's destruction of Earth by creating a rippling effect, erasing Earth of the future and the Sarandor'Q. Following her initiation into her preordained destiny by Merlin and Turaal the dragon, she travels to the shape-shifting planet of Sarandor'Q, where she's re-united with her Soul Mate, Solace. Unbeknown to her, he has protected her throughout her journey within Inner Earth and the core, taking on many shapes and forms. Together they've fought the mighty Ch'hogs, Orion's warriors, travelled through caverns of hovels where young human females are imprisoned, as a delicacy for Ch'hog appetites. A visit to the Time Maestro within his planet of Existence, they learn there are many possibilities to actions enforced, action and reaction are equal & perfect.
Orion traps Sianna'Q in the void where she suffers extreme torture until rescued and returned to Sarandor'Q. Solace and Sianna'Q experience 'zeskia' together, before she flies to the peak of the sacred mountain protected by the Q'ran Tree people. There Maestro creates visions of the Time Line where Earth, tucked within Erte's womb, is threatened with implosion. Orion's obsession with Erte is limitless.
Returning to Erteisia, she is visited by the one who walked the Earth over two thousand years ago. He is from the future and has the name of Shaendor.
In the cavern of doom, Sianna'Q and the warriors, infiltrate with the Ch'hogs however, they need to be vigilant. Slaves are abused and worked until they drop. Their goal is to prevent the gold from being leeched from Earth.
Shaendor revisits as the battle for supremacy continues.

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