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Sianna'Q remembers her past in the future

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

Resurgence Past & Present

by Liandra

Double inverted commas - for verbal conversation.

Single inverted commas - for transmitting silently to another character.

Zero inverted commas - for thoughts.
Crammed against the iron bars of a cage, young female prisoners were awestruck by the ghostly figure hovering between shadow and visibility.

"Shhh!" With her fingertip touching her lips, Sianna'Q placed her forehead against the cold bars that held the children captive. They mimicked her action, and then bowed their heads in silence.

'How in heaven's name did Xag snatch these human females?' She transmitted to Solace. 'There must be about thirty girls here!'

'Don't worry about that now - I've disabled the lock. Move them out fast,' he replied.

'Oh-no! They've moved to the rear again, and hidden the young ones behind them. Solace, I think they sense your presence. Reveal yourself'

Partially uncloaking, Solace moved cautiously into the cage, his arms held out and his hands open. "I'm not your enemy - come, we're here to help you."

'Leave them to me, my love; they're terrified of the male species in any shape or form.'

Moving past him, she focused on a small, brown haired girl. 'She doesn't look much older than twelve or thirteen in Earth years.' She knelt on the cold, soiled ground, "I'm Sianna'Q - we're here to help you." She held back the urge to vomit from the stench of urine and faeces. "May I know your name?"

"Annalisa," the girl whispered. She took a step forward, her large brown eyes focused on Sianna'Q. Blood was trickling down her leg, but she didn't notice or care anymore.

'Oh Solace, she's in her flow time.'  Squatting, she held out her arms, "Come to me, little one." Tears streamed down the girl's cheeks as she ran into the comfort of Sianna'Q's arms. Ignoring the stink and the blood, she held her gently against her chest, rocking her to and fro.

Burying her face into the warmth of her breast, Annalisa sobbed deep and relentlessly with her tiny hands cupped into her lap. Releasing their fear, the other girls huddled around them, all needing the flow of love that Sianna'Q willingly and lovingly shared.

Solace looked on in awe. His admiration for his Soul mate soared. His love for her was insurmountable.

'Sianna'Q, we have to get these girls to safety.' He held out his hand, as she glanced up at him. He saw tears glistening on her cheeks. She took his hand, and with Annalisa clinging to her, and the other children following behind, he guided them from the cage.

'There's an empty hut over there on the left of the walkway -- take them there and stay quiet. There's another cage of prisoners over the other side.' He pointed to the cage next to the cavern wall. I'll release them and bring them over.'

In shadow he flew to the second cage, and noticed even though they were living in filth, their tattered clothing was more to the taste of a wealthy lifestyle, whereas the children were in rags. He felt relieved they didn't make a fuss when he opened the gate. "Stay close together and be silent and swift."

He glanced around at the rows of hovels, but saw no signs of other life forms, as he ushered them into the hut with the children.

"Wait here and remain silent. No sound at all. You're safe here if you are quiet. Do you understand?" The females nodded. Then, one by one, they touched their rescuers lightly on the shoulder.

'We must move fast Solace, before Xag finds them gone. I feel devastated for these young ones. The oldest can't be more than fifteen earth years, and the youngest no more than six or seven. What do they want with children?'

'Ask me again later, for now - look over there, Zenak has created a diversion.'

An almighty explosion echoed through the cavern. Rocks rumbled and then, in a shattering burst, broke away from the cavern walls. Chalky dust covered huts and stray young Ch'hogs as they rummaged around for scraps of food.  Scrambling under the legs of the giant robots, they came from all corners of the cavern and  towards the chaos, oblivious of the danger.

Zenak's warriors, who were in shadow, instantly appeared as they roared their battle cry,
"Zyristaga." Slicing through the warrior Ch'hogs with their lasers, green life force squirted and spilled onto the cavern floor and over their grotesque, gnarled bodies. One by one, they dropped to the ground, as the shape-shifters constantly changed and weaved their way through the melee.

'Zenak, behind you!' Solace pointed in the direction of the deafening thuds of the giant robots that were entering the cavern from the rear.

Ch'hogs occupied the huge, brass buckets that swayed with a slow gentle rhythm, as they fired their lasers into the Sarandor'Q warriors. Standing in the large iron claw of the foremost robot was Xag. His three pronged laser aimed at Sianna'Q.

Solace flew swiftly in shadow towards his soul mate. She was trapped in an orb Xag had placed around her, preventing her from shape-shifting. He could only watch as Xag aimed the weapon again at Sianna'Q. 

"You're the one from the future. You are the first, and you will be the last." His black eyes glowed red with fire as he floated up to the roof of the cavern. His long, black scaled tail reflected light as it whipped from side to side. "You think you've suffered pain in the void? I will show you what pain is, little girl."

I can't move! Helpless and alone, she watched Xag move closer. She could see the protruding roundness of his large fiery eyes. A glint of red still lingered as they bulged from his gnarled, grotesque head. He turned, as if expecting a challenge at any moment from her shape-shifter partner. He's not as sure of himself as I thought. He was tall and slim as far as she could see, which was unusual for a Ch'hog. What was that? Something or someone brushed past her. Solace I hope.

Xag was still cautious as he flew closer. He swiveled around. His long black hair tied with golden braid, flew around his head like a whip. Unlike the warrior Ch'hogs, his neck was long, twice as long as the neck of the Sarandor'Q.

Fear was slowly dissipating. He's cautious. Maybe he's vulnerable.

Without warning, he hovered in front of her. Black eyes with glowing red pupils, bored into her soul, stripping away all protective barriers and sucking out precious life-force. He was stealing all that was her - Sianna'Q. Squeezing, tugging and drawing her essence from her core heart. I'll  be a withered, useless bag of skin and bones.

'Solace, help me...he' from me.

Powerful claws curled around her, lifting her higher and higher. There was a vague feeling of complete separation from herself and oneness with her soul mate. When she thought she was about to hit the roof, she was whisked away as fast as lightening strikes.

'You are safe now Sianna'Q.'

'Turaal! What are you doing here?'

'Saving you - dear girl.'  With his front arm, he reached behind and plucked her from his left claw as his leg came forward. 'Grab my plait of hair and swing yourself up.'

'Why? - I can fly now I'm free.'

'So you can - yes, so you can. My memory is not what it was. I must be getting old.'

'How did you know where to find me?' She gazed into one large, golden eye as he turned his huge, elongated head slightly in her direction.

'I know everything little one; I'm your guardian so there's not much I don't know about you.'

His wide spread wings pounded up and down, flying them to who knows where as she felt the wind rushing past her. 'Thank you Turaal but what about Solace? He's hiding the females from Xag - they need me as much as I need them. Please take me back Turaal, I can't desert them now.'

'Solace summoned me - so don't fret.'

'Where are you taking me?'

'Merlin has decided you are ready for your final initiation into truth. Remember little one, you are from the future. Should harm come to you, it will upset the Time-Space equilibrium.'

'What about the Sarandor'Q and the Q'ran?' She held onto his long plaited hair that grew from his pointed ears. 'What about Orion? He knows everything.'

'Not everything. He likes the Universe to believe he knows everything, in actual fact, he doesn't. As for the Sarandor'Q and Q'ran, they are all in stasis until you return to where you were taken from. Does that ease your mind? Look down, little one, and see where we are.'

'Do you have to call me 'little one?' You know my name. Why does everyone call me little one?'

'Because you are.'

She sighed in resignation and looked past his massive wing span to the land below.


'Yes. It's beautiful isn't it? That's the way we want it to remain.'

She felt a change in flight as he flew low over the forest and the familiar wild river, gradually descending and coming to a halt.

"Sianna'Q, welcome. It is such a pleasure to see you again."

"Merlin?" She slid from the dragon's body and ran towards him.

"I was Merlin. Now I am who I am when I choose, as you are too." He floated over to her, and as he held her close he whispered, "We have a visitor from the future whom you know. However, because of the significance of his history in Earth's past, you made a decision before you were birthed as a human. You chose not to remember him." He stepped away from her, his eyes never leaving her face.

"I'm not sure I understand. Turaal, this person Merlin speaks of, who is he?"

"He is the one who lived a life of peace and love for all people. Orion was envious and ordered his minions to incacerate and torture this Being who spoke of Soul love and resurrection. There were only two scenarios; one - his word would be accepted by all, or two - he would be denied and executed." 

The valley echoed with his voice, as it reverberated from boulder to boulder, through forests and rivers of rushing water, carrying the echo into the oceans and seas and over hills and mountains and into the core heart of Earth.

Turaal lowered his head and nuzzled their visitor.

I am here once again. It seems a long time since we said our farewells back in the future, he transmitted to Sianna'Q.

She moved closer and peered into his deep blue eyes. "I feel I can trust you with my life.
Who are you in my future? Why wasn't I told about you before now? "

"You weren't ready for the truth. You were born as a human, innocent and about to embark on a journey no other human has experienced in the history of Earth."

Turaal interrupted. "We're at a crucial moment in time for planet Earth, Gaia and Erte and all living creatures, which includes Human Beings. Just for a moment, think about that title."

He lowered his long, neck, and placed his huge, gnarled jaw directly in front of her face as he whispered, "Human being - Being human is a clue for the searcher to find and understand the meaning behind such a statement." He snorted without thinking about the consequences.

Never fails -- he can't help himself! "Turaal, you've done it again, mucous all over me and your breath is no better than it was in the mountain."

He lowered his gigantic head, "Forgive me - I promise never to do it again."

Pacing up and down while pulling mucous from her body, Sianna'Q opened her mind to her past in the future. A glimmer of a memory surfaced. "Even though you knew you would be persecuted, you also knew if you didn't fulfill your mission as a human, then all humanity would be lost forever."

"Yes, do you remember me now?"

"I do. I remember viewing all the scenarios of action and reaction. The Time Maestro - we visited him before, as well as after I incarnated as a human." 

 "We came here over two thousand years ago, to awaken humans to the truth of existence in the Time Line. To a large degree it worked - but Orion played his game and his minions were powerful, and with large armies that slaughtered many of those that believed in me. The people lived in fear of his minions, and so I instigated my arrest. You know the story."

I didn't expect this. She paced up and down between Turaal and Merlin, digesting the astounding information.

This is huge. "Why now?"

"Timing Sianna'Q, we needed Orion to believe we were acting alone with only the Sarandor'Q and the Q'ran. We have succeeded; however, his armies are strong, and have his manipulative power behind them. We had anticipated this, but held back hoping he would weaken. He hasn't yet, but we dared not to wait any longer."

Turaal moved closer to the Visitor. "We welcome you." He lowered his long neck once again; his head was close to Sianna'Q and Merlin. "And your name now is..?"

"Turaal, not so close your breath is like sour apples." She pinched her nose and muttered, "Clean your fangs for once!"

He lifted his head and slowly reversed away. "You're not human now, so what's the problem?"

With a dark look in her eyes, she turned her attention back to the visitor, who was, by the smile on his face, enjoying the banter.

"Call me Shaendor - after all, it's only a name. Now I would like to re-unite with Solace. I dare say he has been hoping I would turn up sooner or later."

Sianna'Q was mystified and wanted answers. His name registered in her distant memory. He's from the future and I recognize him, but under what circumstances do I know him? She knew Shaendor would only talk to Solace .

Turaal lowered his neck for Sianna'Q, keeping one large eye on her. She grabbed his long, black plait and sat astride his neck, close to his ears. Shaendor floated up and sat comfortably where Turaal's neck met his back, then without warning, the dragon's wings pounded up and down as they soared into the air then circled, his body leaning to one side. 

Merlin was waving his staff as he slowly faded away.


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