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Sianna'Q learns Secrets of Sacred Mountain

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

Sarandor'Q - Sacred Mountain

by Liandra

Maestro will blow a fuse if I tap into the time-line. The urge to steal a look had become potent indeed. Only he can give me the guidance I need now. Why hasn't he tapped into my thoughts like he generally does when I'm in a state of utter turmoil?

Unaware of the dancing rainbows flowing and arching around her, she flew un-noticed by the celebrating warriors and the Q'ran.

Only one sensed her flight.

I feel you, Solace. Nothing can harm me - Orion has no power here.

Take care, my love, the peak of the mountain has minimal protection - I'll remain connected.

Skimming over the tops of giant trees that flourished in the energy of the mountain, she flew fast, head down, long dark hair whipping about her face in the slipstream. Reaching out, long leaved branches waved in recognition as she flew headlong through an onrushing stand of oaks and willows.

Memories of her own life as a Willow tree, passed swiftly through her mind as she flew through the misty clouds, to the highest peak of the mountain, where only she, would be welcomed.

Delicate tinkling of music captured her attention as she reached the peak. Stunned by the beauty of the scene in front of her, she hovered for a moment gazing at a blue, crystal rock forming the shape of a throne. As she lightly descended, the shimmering of the crystal drew her closer. It's changing - oh - the seat is for me! She turned and lowered herself into the essence of the blue crystal, which instantly linked with her.

Tinges of violet, silver and gold reflecting from the source of the Nebula caressed her face and body. Rainbows blended with the mists of the valleys, as the flowing rivers of gold surrounding Sarandor'Q glistened and sang.

Mmm, heavenly! This is heaven in its purest form.

Mesmerized by the beauty of creation, her vista expanded. New born stars glistened in the darkness of space, surrounding the seven sisters. Ah - the Pleiades, Orion's playground, and that Nebula to the left is Orion's domain. I wonder what devilish plan he's weaving now - whatever it is we'll be prepared. Thank the heavens for Maestro and the power of the mountain.

Sianna'Q zoned into the time space continuum, the link between the past, present and the future. Events flew by her - she concentrated on Home - the future, and lingered for a moment.

A sudden thought occurred to her, as she focused on a tiny blue and green planet in the distance. Gaia and Crystal are the brave ones - they exist and hold the balance of Earth in the core.

Tears welled in her eyes, as she glimpsed Erte struggling to hold Earth in her womb. How much longer can she suffer the sacrifice? Orion, when I have the opportunity to get my hands on you, I'll destroy you without mercy - that is my oath to you, you blackguard.

Another scene appeared - a dead planet imploding and scattering through the Universe. It was Earth. Beautiful Erte, betrothed to the Son of the Sun, was no longer visible.

Maestro showed me this scene in the Library of Existence within his planet. Thank you Maestro, but I didn't need to see it again. It's embedded into my memory.

Other events occurred as she altered her position and observed. Governments controlled weather patterns, and banks hoarded money and gold.

The scene changed yet again. Scenes she had seen before, embedding deeper into her Soul, as gigantic machines operated by misled humans, gouged deep within Earth's body. Humans - blind to the fact that Earth was destabilizing. Without Erte's protection, she would not exist, and neither would humanity.

If only they realised that over time, her precious blood has and is being stolen, and her body raped.

Excruciating pain coursed through her - Gaia's pain. It shot through her body like a shooting star in space - and into the crystal sphere of the mountain. Whispers encircled her - "The greed of Human dictators and perpetrators will be dealt with."

The visions returned - Orion's Ch'Hogs' were vicious, as they plundered Earth's precious life force. Unable to survive, she watched as Gaia departed from the core. Alone, except for one elemental - her dear friend, Crystal, and a tiny bird perched on her shoulder. The planet was vulnerable.

"Robin - Robin Redbreast!" Her voice echoed through the Nebula, a breeze weaving through Sarandor'Q, bringing smiles to the Q'ran.

Sianna'Q, what is happening?

I've found Robin, Solace, he's in the core with Crystal. She can't leave because she's connected to Earth, and who better to take care of her than Robin!

Don't be drawn into the past, Robin will bring her out if or when Orion strikes.

Don't worry about me - I've the Mountain's protection.

And mine...

Essence of Lotus floated around her, nurturing and caressing her skin. Memories of the future and separation of the Soul that seemed distant, now felt imminent.

I am with you even though you cannot see me I am here, there and everywhere. As I am - you are also. The whisper floated within the essence of love.You will witness illusions of the past and you will be ensconced in it - live through it, then let it go, as you remember these words. You are of the future where I dwell - where love is all that is. I know who you are - you will remember.

The essence faded, and in its place a tiny blue bird fluttered its wings and trilled, as it flew into the mist of the mountain and Home.

She drew her attention back to Earth. Incensed by the torture Orion inflicted upon her picturesque body, Sianna'Q watched as the planet's life force drained away. No longer was she the prosperous planet that challenged souls in their quest for adventure as physical beings. 

Tears flowed as Sianna'Q witnessed the planet tremble in her last throes of life - caving in, as the once beautiful Earth imploded, scattering her trillions of body parts into the darkness of space.

The scene changed - now what - another scenario?

Volunteers from the future were on the planet. One was within the core heart of Earth holding the balance. Gaia! There's a group of strange looking humans with her. No that can't be - they are, oh - that's me when I was Willow. I'm seeing the past before the implosion - of course, now I understand.

So, here I am now - beyond the Time-Line with my friends from the future. We're the Ones who will save humanity and Earth. This was foretold. Well, while I'm here, maybe I can move things along a little.

No! The sound reverberated around her sending her backwards to the edge of time.

You must obey the laws of creation. You have seen the Earth destroyed. It has already happened.

Now you have to prevent it from happening, via the Time Line. You volunteered with your friends to stop Orion from destroying Earth. He's laughing at you. Time does not exist for him. You have to outwit him.

Maestro! Where are you? She hovered above the tip of the mountain.

Leave now. Go back to Sarandor'Q. Tell your friends and allies all you have seen. You, with their assistance can prevent the death. Do not be swayed by deception. You all know who you are and where you're from.

Will you help us Maestro? She turned in circles - Where are you?

I follow you from my labyrinth, sweet Sianna'Q. You are always in my vision. I have created a library just for you. I will help you if it is within my jurisdiction. Now you must return to the festivities.

Within a moment, she was back in the garden, where warriors strolled with their partners and sipped nectar from the rainbow's well, while lovers lay entwined in each other's arms, unaware of the tragedy she had witnessed.

Her eyes were closed as she lay on a white marble edifice. She felt relaxed after shedding her bodysuit for a light flowing toga that lay in folds down the sides of the marble. The Sarandor'Q sun warmed her body, as she pieced together all she had seen and heard.

A shadow passed over her. Startled, her eyes opened and focused on the powerful body of a Semmilion. Solace?

His lean underbelly was directly above her, as he stepped over and down to the other side.

She smiled as he lowered himself onto his hocks, and rested his beautiful Semmilion head on her belly. He took her breath away as his long, thick mane brushed over her breasts, and his gold slanted eyes held hers.

"Shall I change for you?" she asked.

"No need to - I'll join you." He 'shifted' into his powerful Sarandor'Q body - his long white hair lay over his muscular shoulders as he stood up and reached for her hand. "Sad to say, but it's time to return to Earth. We now have the power of Sarandor'Q, the Q'ran and the intelligence of Maestro. We will destroy the Ch'Hogs, and defeat Orion."

"Solace, I have information from Maestro."

"I know. He allowed you to fly the Time Line. If the Maestro hadn't appeared you would've created a disaster."

"I didn't though. That's the important thing - isn't it?"



Orion has threatened to implode Earth if he can't have Erte who is betrothed to the Son within the Sun. She holds the planet in her womb - keeping her stable. Sianna'Q & warriors from Sarandor'Q have witnessed the distruction Orion's Ch'hogs have imposed upon Earth's inner body. They have gathered Q'ran warriors to join the Sarandor'Q and are now prepared to return to Earth and use their wisdom and strength to annihilate the Ch'hogs. Their mission cannot fail - Earth and all life living above and within depend on their success. Orion has his own evil plans to destroy his enemies, of which Sianna'Q has experienced. He is determined to entrap her and torture her in many ghastly ways. She has already experienced his cruelty.
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