War and History Poetry posted November 24, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
We're mourning everything that followed the assassination.

Three Poisons that Followed

by maggieadams

Shots shattered a nation over fifty years ago
Cast sudden darkness over a brightening glow.
The moment still bleeds like a saintly relic
A door-opener to a draining decade that still
Looms like a woven bloody blanket tossed over the
Boomer generation.

Mental photos abound of an anguished brother
Meeting a widow's plane, walking a funeral procession.
We now see through the lens, a body
On a hotel kitchen floor in the city of angels.

Before the November event in nineteen-sixty-three--we see
And hear an oration, a speech that echoes
Across the nation, now the dream
Echoes differently, cut short by a sniper's bullet
Honored, now, by a cold hard marble monument.

Three weeks before his trip to Dallas
A military coup in Vietnam and a dead leader---Diem
Ten years later involvement still raged,
Hanging over America like a disease, a decline---a cage.
Boomers still yelling at each other in their nursing homes.

Three bitter poisons, three deadly pills to swallow.
Vietnam, RFK and MLK---all
Camelot erased with a *single bullet,
For Boomers, our nine-eleven.
That single blow was not the end,
But the beginning of an endless assault.

Compulsively reliving the pain of that November day
We're not just grieving the loss of a president
But mourning everything that followed.


*Many skeptics about "single-bullet" theories.

I wrote this as one of my first posts as a new member...I thought I would bring it back as a reminder of what our country and really the world has endured. We will survive.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Bellgee1 at FanArtReview.com

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