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Princess Cassandra of Troy is Cursed By Apollo

Curse you Cassandra

by bluedragon776

The ancient Greeks have told many fine stories.
Tales of bravery, love, war and other glories.
But among the many mythologies of old,
This particular story should be retold.

It is about Cassandra, daughter of King Priam of Troy.
Whose city and people the Spartans did destroy.
Cassandra's great beauty made her desirable,
Her charm and graceful manner made her admirable.

In addition to all of this, she was elegant and kind.
Not surprisingly, she had a very swift mind.
This drew the god Apollo's attention.
He gave what he believed to be a great token of his affection.

In addition to Cassandra's natural gifts of beauty and kind nature,
Apollo bequeaths the ability to foretell the future.
Beguiled by her fair skin, blue eyes and hair of fiery red.
Apollo invited her to his bed.

This was a rare time when Cassandra displayed a lack of intelligence,
because she did something which did not make much sense.
She actually refused this god a night of pleasure.
Oh, what Apollo must have thought of her.

Little did she know that failing to accept his invitation,
would result in a life of great frustration.
For he did something that Cassandra could not have conceived.
She would see the future but not be believed.

So when the Spartans did come to destroy her city,
There was none that believed her pleas, oh what a pity.
The Spartans left Troy a large horse made of wood.
Cassandra warned against this, but no one understood.

The people mocked her again, of course.
Cassandra knew that things would only get worse.
When Troy fell, the temple of Athena offered her shelter,
But it was here that she was violated by Ajax the lesser.

Then King Agamemnon of Mycenae,
made Cassandra into his concubine.
She had twin sons with this king.
You would think this should give her some happiness, but here is the thing.

Joy was not to be Cassandra's fate, only unhappiness.
A life Apollo cursed her with, overwhelming sadness.
Fortunately, this tragic story is almost over.
King Agamemnon is betrayed by his wife Clytemnestra, and Aegisthus her lover.

By Aegisthus' hand the king and Cassandra's lovely twin boys were slain.
This must have caused her unbearable pain.
The curse of foresight did not make her wise.
Sad that she was powerless to prevent her own demise.

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Inspired by the story of Princess Cassandra of Troy. Here is the Wikipedia link I took notes from:

Mycenae is pronounced two ways my-see-nee or my-see-nine
So I chose the second pronunciation to rhyme with concubine.

here is the link for the site I researched for this:
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