General Fiction posted September 20, 2013

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Friends beware, one good turn does not guarantee another.

What the hell have I done?

by bluedragon776

"Lilia, I waited as long as I am going to wait. Give me the rent by Saturday or I'll evict you!" I pull myself out of the nightmare, but the words of my landlord echo in my head. However, I awake to discover the nightmare is real. My landlord really did berate me. I am in fact very late on my rent.

A month ago, I lent $1000 to my best friend Samantha. We have been friends since kindergarten and I have trusted her with money in the past. She has always repaid me without fail.

I turn on my nightstand lamp and hunt for my cell phone in my bed sheets; as I remember talking to my father before I went to sleep. I asked him and every friend I can think of for money, but only manage to collect half of what I need. I have no savings, and the icing on the cake: lost my job last week. Bad luck is just raining on me.

I redial Samantha's number for literally the 100th time, and half expect her voice mail to greet me, but I get the real thing.

"Lilla, look I promise you'll have the money in a couple of weeks," Samantha says, her voice dripping with innocence.

"I need it now! You promised to repay me. Look, my landlord is coming for the money today. He's going to evict me!" I shout, spewing my frustration into the phone.

"Well, I don't have it," she yells. The line goes dead.

There is a loud pounding coming from my front door. "Ms. Swanson," I recognize the voice. It's my landlord come for the rent that I don't have.

"Oh My God, what am I going to do?" I say as I rake my hands through my hair.

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