General Poetry posted August 13, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
Perhaps if we learn to master death, we master life.

This Cold Ground You Stand On....

by RGstar


This cold ground you stand on is not where I lay,
No songbirds sing here, no minutes in a day,
The silence around you too has lost its way,
This greyness is to remind you, in heaven I stay,

This cold ground you cry on holds nothing at all,
And each tear you rely on, in itself has to fall.
The ashes you sprinkle is of a time that has gone,
For me only a journey and a new one just begun,

So stand not in sorrow with tears in your eyes,
This place is an illusion where only emptiness hides.
The flowers you see there simply do not exist,
They're illusions of conscience that sigh in the mist.

Father, dear mother, tell me why do you cry?
Does not the earth keep turning and the sun light the sky?
Brother, dear sister, listen closely in the dark,
My heart beats every moment every second we are apart,

Dry your eyes for I'm awake I am all around,
Longing to tell you, though in death there is no sound.
I am the leaves that you trample as you turn to walk away,
I am the trees that you cling to as in sorrow begin to sway.

The rose that you lay there I am the scent that lingers on,
A fragrance for every moment, a gentle note for every song,
I am the breeze, a gentle morning through your window I sing,
I am the light without warning, a thousand candles I bring,

I am the early morning sunlight that greets you each day,
I am the swirling leaves beneath you, by your feet I play,

This cold ground you stand on is not where I lay.



This poem I wrote for my book. The picture is a real life picture of a friend who died young young of Cancer in Sweden. The picture is not from my book as that only consists of artwork. I posted it to remind us all of the devastation of this silent killer which has no preference in who it decides, whether, black, white, pink or brown, whether faces slant, pointed or round. We are but one within the teeth of the ultimate. And in this way should live our lives,as one, as the answers are often in the questions.
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