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Aunt Ruby's Red 1962 Cadillac

by G.B. Smith


In the fall of 1961, the new 1962 cars had just been introduced and my mother's sister, Ruby had just bought a new shiny RED one, and was coming to our little coal mining town of Kenilworth. Aunt Ruby was everything glamorous that my mother never was, and the youngest of eleven children. Mom was married to just one man, Ruby was working on number four.

From my bedroom window on the second floor of our home, I could see clear across the forty mile wide valley.

Aunt Ruby had called and said she was in Helper just six miles away and was coming in her new red car. I crawled out onto the roof so I could get a good look, and sure enough, several minutes later, I could spot a bright red Cadillac that seemed to be flying up the highway.

I used to fantasize about her. Ruby always wore tight skirts and blouses that showed her fabulous figure, sexy red lips and her wry flashy smile could melt the heart of the most devout man; my father was no exception.

"I see her. She's down by little hill, and she is coming fast." I hollered downstairs.

Running down the stairs, I slipped and nearly went through the glass window at the landing. I thought, "this is what you get for thinking impure thoughts."

By now the whole town knew she was coming and there were people and cars all over our street. Very soon she came screeching around the final bend into town, and the crowd let out a roar of approval.

As she rounded the final corner, I thought I would have my first sexual experience right there in my pants.

She pulled up in front of the house much to the approval of the crowd. When she flashed that smile enveloped by those bright red lips, every man there just knew it was for them, and then she winked...OH MY GOODNESS, it was such an alluring wink.

Mom ran up to her door and helped her out. Man she was dressed to the nines, in a red dress that showed her ample bosoms and tiny waist. It was then that we noticed, that her new fiance was in the passenger's side. Pointing to him, she said, "I want you all to meet my fiance Roger Jackson."

Roger managed a wave and got out of the car. He tried to work his way around the car to Ruby, but the crowd pressed in further. His disappointment showed like a pair of brown shoes with a tuxedo.

Just the year before, my dad had died, she was there in a tight black dress. Holy cow, she was fantastic, and now here today she was in that red dress, that smile, those legs, and those boobs. What more could a fourteen year old boy with hormones rushing through him faster that Ruby's flashy new car ask for.

When she finished hugging mom, she got to my sister Ann, gave her a quick squeeze, and then it was my turn. She drew me into her arms and held me close and tight. I could smell her exotic perfume, feel, her boobs tight against my chest, and then she kissed me full on the lips. I about died because my hormones made my pants swell. Feeling it, she gave me that knowing smile, and released me.

Mother had fixed a wonderful lunch, and after lunch we went out on the front porch to visit.

I could not take my eyes off her, and I swear five different times she flashed that wry look and winked at me. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

After about forty-five minutes, I asked her if she'd take me for a ride in that beautiful new car. She readily agreed and we got out to the car, and in no time, just her and I were in the car, leaving Roger on the back porch. She turned the radio up loud and hit the gas. It is three miles from our town down to the next town. I thought we were going there, but half way down, she turned off the road and went over to the gun club area, parked the car, and looked at me knowingly.

She said that she wanted to show me something.

I swallowed hard and asked what it was.

She raised her skirt up to her mid thighs and pulled out a little snub nosed 32 caliber pistol.

I thought, "Oh god, she is gonna kill me for what I had been thinking." Instead, she asked if I'd like to shoot her gun on the target range. With a disappointed look, I said "sure, but I have never shot a pistol before."

"That's why we're here, I am going to make a man out of you if it kills me." again she flashed that seductive smile. I watched as she got out of the car, showing me more than just her thighs this time.

I got out and followed her to the range. Her butt was trained to wiggle like Jell-O at dinner time...

When we reached the tables, she laid the gun down and told me to pick it up.

Very gingerly I picked it up.

"Point it toward the targets. It is loaded, so don't hurt yourself. I'll help you", she added.

She stood behind me, putting her arms around me, she helped me point it.

"Look down the barrel. See that tit in the front, that's the sight? Put that in the middle of the target, take a breath, and gently pull the trigger."

I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, and when she pressed her boobs tight against me, I shot.

"That wasn't too bad for the first time. She said. You went to the left and nearly hit the car. This time, do it without my help" she said as she stepped away.

I was so aroused by this time, I had to pee. I set the gun down and ran over to the outhouse to relieve myself.

"Do you want any help?" She chuckled.

I just kept running, and slammed the door behind me. I was so embarrassed, because I had shot my load, at the same time as I pulled the trigger. I didn't know if that made me a non-virgin or not. I was afraid to come out, but eventually I did. She smiled broadly as she spotted the wet spot on the front of my jeans.

"Couldn't hold it, I guess," she said. Let's try it again. This time, I'll stand back ten feet so as not to distract you."

This time, it was so much easier. All the frustration had left, and as I leveled the gun, looking down the sights, I nailed that target four more times. It was only a five shot pistol, so that ended it.

Aunt Ruby had gone over to the benches and sat down. She pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long drag, and slowly let the smoke curl back up into her nose, and then let it out.

"Do you smoke?" She asked.

Shyly I said I did, and she lit another one and handed it to me. My gawd, there was red lip stick on it. I felt like she had just kissed me. We sat there for the longest time, not speaking, but she'd look at me and wink. I was so nervous.

"Why do you think I wanted to come out here with you alone?"

"To shoot your gun" I replied.

"Not at all. That was the fun part, but I wanted you to feel what it was like to be horny and want something you could never have. I have seen how you look at me. You have undressed me a hundred times since you were seven, but never had the chance to feel what it was like to be aroused. Do you still feel like you want to make love to me?"

I was stunned. I was confused, scared and thought about the first time I had sex, only then I was alone.

"I don't know. I said. Do you?"

"You're only fourteen, but when you're twenty one, I'll ask you again. Then if you say yes, we'll fly down to Las Vegas for the weekend."

I felt so relieved. I had seven years to think about it. Little did I know that by then, I'd be married, and would be well on my way to becoming a father; still, that meeting haunted me for years after that.

She leaned in close and said, "Have you ever kissed a girl"?

"Yes, I stammered."

Taking me in her arms, she said, "But never like this. Part your lips, I'm gonna teach you how the French kiss, so that when you get with a real girl, you'll know what to do."

With that she kissed me like no girl ever had. My eyes popped open, and she paused long enough to tell me to shut my eyes and open wider. Holy crap, that was the most exciting time of my life and again, my hormones relieved themselves in my pants. She sat back and laughed again.
"This is just too good she said."

On the way home, I was silent, but different. I had ridden in a brand new 1962 red Cadillac convertible, with the sexiest woman on the planet. I grew up, but never forgot my aunt Ruby, that gun, day, and her lesson. I felt manly.


Aunt Ruby and I had a flirt affair for over 40 years. She had two lovely daughters, but no son, so she took to me like her own. It was very complicated, but it proved to be worth while...Just Before she died, she sent me a packet of over 20 nude color shots of her doing Lord knows what or to whom. I still treasure them.
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