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A Cheetah's Dream

Jungle Postal Services

by gazzagodbod

Cheetah in the jungle, just sitting in the sun
Chomping on an antelope, that he'd put in a bun
Thinks there must be more, more to life than this
He growls at a passing snake, who returns a hiss

I should be rich he thinks, poor is just no fun
And I really have a talent, boy how I can run
An idea came upon him, a business to make him rich
He got up had a stretch and winked at a passing bitch

He put up a sign, on the biggest jungle tree
Cheetah's postal service, deliver it with me
It seemed to do very well, his service it was quick
Delivered through the jungle, the undergrowth so thick

The monkey ordered banana's, especially for tea
In a whoosh they were there, before half past three
Love birds sent their love notes, sent by the score
They cooed and kissed so in love, then they wrote some more

He got very busy and back and fourth he'd sail
Every customer had to admit, he was a first class male
But things started going wrong, to busy then he got
He got tired and confused, then set in the rot

The elephant hit him, hit him with his trunk
Had given him the stinky perfume, meant for Mrs Skunk
The jungle drums got louder, more orders flooded through
What ever is happening and what more can he do

Animals wanted compensation, for everything that's wrong
The skunks they got very cross, Oh they caused a pong
Then the family Antelope, oh their mood was grim
he delivered to their son, but then had eaten him

The bank had called him in, his business had gone bust
They would not help him with a loan, in him they had no trust
He went to see the wise old owl, said its not fair or proper
The owl replied its the way it is, cheetah's never prosper.


No antelopes were hurt in the making of this poem couldn't afford a real one they are a little deer.
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