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What to do with Heather's drunken beau?

A chapter in the book A ROUGH BEGINNING

Chapter Eight Part One

by c_lucas

This novel is written in the Omniscient point of view. The story takes place is New York's Irish slums. Points of history is intermingled with fiction.


JUNE 1875
Ending of Last Chapter
“First three rounds are on th’ Sullivans,” Arthur yelled, “and bring me future brudder-in-law th' Blarney Stone.”
A filled oversized mug, with an image of Ireland’s beloved rock etched into it, was placed before Phillip. The doctor never completely emptied the mug because O’Malley refilled it every time Phillip made some headway.
“Timber!!” The yell filled the saloon as Phillip fell to the floor.
Arthur glanced at his young brother. “I’ll be saying he’s been baptized.”
“Aye, I agree, but I’ll not be wanting ta take him back ta Heather.” Connor drained his mug of ale.
“Ole Victor Harris got off easy compared ta what she’ll be doing ta us. I be thinking we best leave him in th’ barn with his horse and carriage.”
“Aye, if she asks, he’ld be a bit under th’ weather and wanted ta go home.”
 “What if th’ sisters’ll be having th’ gate and th’ barn locked?”
“Then we’ll be leaving them unlocked. Let be getting’ it over with. Yeh be climbing th’ wall with me hep.” Arthur staggered over to Phillip and grabbed him under his arms. He lifted just as the drunken doctor emptied his stomach all over his own shirt, barely missing Arthur.
Connor shook his head. “Th’ next time yeh best warn me so we can turn him over.” He picked up Phillip’s feet and they started for the door.  
The remaining revelers set their mugs down. Those who had one, took off their hats and covered their hearts as all began to sing "The Parting Glass," in a somber voice.

Of all the money that e'er I spent 
I've spent it in good company 
And all the harm that ever I did
Alas it was to none but me 
And all I've done for want of wit 
To memory now I can't recall 
So fill to me the parting glass 
Good night and joy be with you all 

Everyone cheered as Arthur and Connor left with their burden.

Heather wanted to come to Phillip’s aid, but realized her father and brothers were showing their approval of the doctor. She watched in silence as her father opened the door for Connor and Arthur to carry their burden to Hennessey’s. She glanced at her father, who closed the door. “Phillip really doesn’t drink.”
“A mug or two of Stout won’t hurt him. Let’s sit at th’ table. Me and yer mudder’ll be having some questions for yeh.”
Breanna sat at her husband’s right side. She motioned for Heather to sit across from her. “Yeh be going on twenty-six. I’ll be glad yeh have found yeh a good man. Yeh know yer brothers will be marrying on th’ fourth of July. Will yeh be joining them?”
“Phillip and I have talked about it with Fader Murphy. We be planning ta join them.”
Cullen glanced at his wife before turning his attention to his daughter. “What about th’ plans, yeh be having in following th’ ways of Mrs. Kennedy? Does th’ good doctor be agreeing with yeh?”
Heather felt her heart contract. “No, Fader, he be against it. Phillip refused ta talk about it. He be wanting me to stay home and have his children. He be letting me attend medical college so I’d be learning, but he don’t want me ta practice. He says I could be his nurse after th’ children be raised.”
“Yer fader lets me study ta save doctor’s bills. Th’ list yeh be making and copying will be a big hep. Plus yeh taught Kathleen and me how ta read and write. Mrs. Kennedy can sign her name.”
Cullen sat back, smiling. “Th’ Sullivans be th’ best educated in th’ building.” His face took on a serious look. “Yeh’re wise not ta be going against yer husband’s wishes, but if yeh decide to continue on Mrs. Kennedy’s path, yeh’ll be having yer own funds. Th’ lad is smart enough ta see how having an herbalist in th’ family would help his trade. Yer mudder has proven it ta me plenty of times and she still does my bidding.”
I see how good yeh be treating Mammy and how well she obeys yeh. She be obeying yeh when yeh’re here, but when yeh not, she be doing whatever she wants ta do.
Heather bit back any retorts. “Yes, fader, yeh be setting a good example.”
"Yeh be knowing how ta get in touch with me banker. I’ll be putting yeh funds into yer own account." Mr. Sullivan stood. “I best be going ta rescue Phillip from yer brothers. He be a good man, but yer brothers might give him more than he can handle.”
“That he be, Fader. I’ll be visiting with Mammy for a while then I’ll be checking in with Mrs. Kennedy.” Heather bit her lip to keep from grinning.
The women sat there, listening to his going down the stairs. “I’d be hoping I can fool Phillip as well as yeh be doing with Fader.” Heather grinned.
“I’ll not be fooling yeh fader. After all these years of marriage, we be having an understanding. I’ll not be complaining of his drinking and he not be complaining about eating his cailins’ cooking. Cullen Sullivan be a smart man. We be having a good marriage because th’ good Lord be giving us common sense. I be hiding nothing from him and he be hiding nothing from me. Some things best be left unsaid.”
“Fader has eyes all over th’ place, but I be fooling him.”
Breanna stared at her daughter. “How do yeh be thinking that? Th’ kisses yeh steal when yeh be thinking yeh two are alone? Like yeh be doing tonight by th’ outhouse?"
“How do yeh be knowing that? Connor couldn’t have told yeh.”
“Yeh best be wondering about how yer fader knows. Th’ back hall's window be looking over th’ back yard.”
Arthur stopped the procession three times for Phillip to up heave onto the street instead on his shirt. “We may be joining Victor Harris on a train ride ta Kansas if Heather catches us”
“I be having th’ same thought. At least we’ll not be as broken up as we left Victor.” Arthur shifted his hold on Phillip’s shoulders and Connor got a better hold on Phillip’s feet.
“Victor be in bad shape, but he be bringing it on himself for threatening Heather and th’ cailin. Fader warned him ta leave her be.” Arthur chuckled. “It felt good cracking his ribs with me fists.”
“I be happy Fader allowed me ta break his fingers before he broke’s Victor’s arm.”

“Where do yeh plan ta be taking th’ good doctor?” Cullen asked his sons.
Arthur got over the shock of his father’s appearance and question. “I thought it be best ta take him ta th’ church’s barn where his horse and carriage be.”
“Do yeh think yer sister would overlook that yeh left with her doctor man and came home without him?"
“Connor and me’ll not be wanting for Heather ta be seeing him like this.”
“It be a might bit late for that, don’t yeh think?”
“What would yeh be suggesting?” Conor noticed Phillip was retching. “Up and over!” He quickly called out.
Phillip threw up on the ground, splattering Arthur's shoes. When he finished, the brothers turned him over, ready to continue to a new destination unknown.
“If I be yeh, I be thinking about Mrs. Kennedy’s couch and finding a good place ta hide while Mrs. Wiley tries to sober him up a bit.”
“What if Heather be coming down too early?”
 “When all else be failing, th’ French Foreign Legion can hide yeh in that big desert they be trying ta control.”
The three able bodied men arrived and Cullen knocked quietly on Mrs. Kennedy’s door. He held his finger to his lips when Mrs. Wiley opened the door. “Me boys be in a spot of trouble with their sister.”
Arthur and Connor laid the doctor on the couch, shook hands with their father and tipped their hats to Mrs. Wiley before they fled the scene.
Arthur wiped his shoes with his handkerchief, and smiled as he threw the cloth away. “I think it’ll be a fine time ta visit Mona. Yeh best be finding a place ta sleep. Shannon’s fader’ll not be welcoming yeh at this late hour.”


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This is a rewrite. Regular readers may not get any rewards.

Caitlin Anna Wiley will change her name to Joanna 'Jo' Wiley when she is arrested for theft of a two cent apple.

Cailin = Irish for girl.
Divil = Devil
Fader - Father
Help = hep
Me = my
Mammy = mother
Mudder = mother
Ta = to
Tay = tea
Th' = the
Yer = your
Yeh = you
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