Children Poetry posted February 4, 2012

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Never cry wolf !

Tall Tale

by bonnick

Chucky the chicken lived on a farm and he liked to play tricks on the others.
He made up stories about foxes, he told tales to his sisters and brothers.

'I saw a fox today, hiding in the trees,
I saw a fox today, watching you and me!
I saw a fox tonight, eyes hidden in the dark,
I saw a fox tonight, that's what made Shep bark!'

The other chicks, at first, squawked and hid in fright,
Such a noise did they make, the farmer came out in the night.
The farmer seeing nothing wrong went back inside his home,
The chicks would shout at Chucky, leaving him all alone.

Then one night Chucky did see, a fox prowling around in the night,
'A FOX, A FOX, A FOX' He squeals, but the other chicks ignore his plight!
So many times had Chucky cried and told a lie,
The chicks didn't run to help him they just sat and wondered why?

A bang in the night, a bark from Shep, a whimper of a fox,
The farmer steps into the coop and puts the intruder in a box.
Chucky the chicken was crying no-one believed his yell,
So always remember to tell the truth, never a lie should you tell!

Kiddies motivational poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem that will appeal to young children, that involves animals finding themselves in a predicament ( either of their own making or not) and how they overcame it, and the lesson they learned.
Any format of poetry may be used, but it must rhyme.

A lesson to be taught to every one, not just the children !
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