Supernatural Fiction posted December 7, 2011

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inspired by the picture from wallypete

As I Walk Past

by sweetwoodjax

As I walked past the old house in the valley, my breath caught in my throat as I saw a shadow in the window. Torn curtains fluttered in the broken windows even though there was no breeze. I felt a chill even in the heat of the day.

I could not force myself to walk past. Instead, I was drawn to walk inside. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I thought I saw the figure of a woman sitting in a rocker. There was a child at her feet. Amazed, I could not keep myself from staring.

The child was a little girl of about five years old. She was dressed in a a ragged yellow petticoat that had faded over time. Unruly red curls fell down to her waist. The child looked so sad with a tear streaked face.

The mother was a pale, thin shell of a woman with vacant eyes. She slowly rocked back and forth while humming to the child. The haunting tune made my heart constrict with a flash of memory. All of a sudden, I became the child sitting at my mother's knees.

My father had been killed in a local brawl at a saloon in town and my mother was trying to make ends meet. We often went to bed hungry and I would cry myself to sleep. One cold night I stood at my bedroom door and watched as my mother rocked herself to sleep in the rocking chair, the fire embers slowly going out. Eventually the rocking chair stopped rocking and I threw myself at my mother's feet. I swore I would never leave her side.

Silent screams filled my mind as I realized I was the little girl and I never survived that winter. My spirit still fills this house and I would forever stay a little girl, never to wander the world again.


I don't know where this one came from. I just went with it. Thank you to wallypete for the inspiration.
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