Satire Poetry posted November 13, 2011

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The Republican Debates

The Crazies are Now on the Loose

by BothePo8

I enjoy comedy
and I'm happy to see
Republicans now on the tube
Some are dumb, some are crass
and I can't help but laugh
at comments directed at boobs

You gotta like Herman
He's really been squirmin'
as women arise from his past
Well, he says they all lie
but he's sure he knows why
The liberals are after his _ _ _!

Ron Paul's a bit crazy
He says we are lazy
Yes, government leave us alone
If you've no job today
or you're sick and can't pay
He's sorry but you're on your own

Then there is Rick Perry
He's pompous and merry
His hatred of government's plain
With those programs he'd cut,
we'd get out of this rut
He just can't remember their names

Oh, there's also Michelle
She's as scary as hell
Her eyes show maniacal glee
She'd end joblessness now
and she'll tell you , here's how
End minimum wage and you'll see

There is always old Newt
It is hard to dispute
Morality flavors his bid
Yet he dumped his first wife
and her cancerous strife
to marry the girlfriend he'd hid

Yes, Mitt's still a floppin'
To him there's no stoppin'
He'll tell you what you want to hear
Will you trust him right now?
Is he lusting somehow,
to pass liberal things that you fear?

They debate openly
and it's clear now to see,
the things that they cleverly pitch
For the working man's plight,
they do not wish to fight
Their policies favor the rich

Just cut taxes they say
Then get out of the way
The market will handle the rest
Well, with Bush we sure tried
but the jobs up and died
That's how we got into this mess

It's O'bama they blame
and they say with disdain
It's his fault the job future's bleak
Yet they kill his jobs bills
and they add to our ills
The president's office they seek

How they love to act tough
Oh, they posture and puff
There's never a war they don't flout
They just borrow and spend
till the debt does us in
The Democrats then bail us out

They spend trillions for war
and on tax cuts galore
but just let the little guy ask,
for some help in some way,
just to make it today
They'll say our debt's growing too fast

So, please keep 'em comin'
My funny bones hummin'
They're slowly now cooking their goose
They put on a great show
and now all of us know
The crazies are now on the loose

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