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A chapter in the book The Unexpected


by Sarah_Goldwell

		INT COMMUNITY SOCIAL CLUB - NIGHT                              
			  Balloons and banners decorate the hall. Happy 60th             
          Birthday hangs above a trestle table laden with party          
          food. A mixture of people of all ages dance to music.          
          On a bag perched on the table with the corner of a leopard     
          skin purse sticking out.                                       
          On groups of guests sitting at tables chatting, laughing,      
          drinking and eating. A grey haired pensioner moans about       
          her teeth as she bites into a sausage roll.                    
          On a group of youths huddled together in the corner trying     
          to look hip without actually joining in the party.             
          EXT CAR PARK - LATER                                          
          MUM (40,s) waits at the passenger door of a dark coloured      
          saloon. Davey (17) waits one side of the back doors,           
          VANESSA (19) waits the other. DAD (40’s) unlocks the car       
          and slides in the passenger seat.                              
          Mum gets in and puts on her seat belt. Back doors CLUNK.       
          Dad starts the engine.                                         
                    That went well. I really enjoyed                     
                    myself tonight.                                      
                    Yeah, it was okay, for a fogie                       
                    I’m glad you enjoyed it. You cost                    
                    me an arm and leg.                                   
                         (to mum)                                        
                    You might’ve warned me neither of                    
                    them had any money.                                  
                    Come on. Don’t be like that. How                     
                    often do we all get to spend an                      
                    evening together?                                    
                    Too right. You insisted we came.                     
                    You don’t expect us to pay for                       
                    our drinks as well?                                  
                    You need to get a job. That’s                        
                    what you need to do. Laying                          
                    around till mid day, poncing....                                                                       
                    All right. Do we have to have                        
                    this conversation now and spoil a                    
                    good evening?                                        
          Vanessa talks into a mobile phone.                             
                    Oh, My God, my dad was soo                           
                    embarrassing, especially when he                     
                    started doing his Michael Jackson                    
                    Thriller impression.                                 
                    100%, I would’ve disowned him if                     
                    it wasn’t a family party.                            
                    I had to do something to get away                    
                    from Ethel and her reminiscing                       
                    about the past.                                      
          Mum laughs.                                                    
                    You loved it, especially when she                    
                    told you, you don’t look a day                       
                    older than when she last saw you                     
                    twenty years ago.                                    
                    Should’ve gone to spec savers.                       
          Dad, preens in the mirror, grinning.                           
                    I dare say I’ve aged quite well.                     
          Family banter continues as the car travels along the dark      
          INT KITCHEN - DAY                                              
          Radio plays in the background. Mum wipes down kitchen          
          counters, throws cloth in the sink, steps on pedal bin,       
          flips lid, tugs at the black sack.                             
          Something catches her eye. She frowns, delves in the           
          rubbish and extracts a leopard skin purse.                     
          Frown lines deepening, she opens the purse and pulls out a     
          credit card, stares at the name SHIRLY WEST.

			  INT UPSTAIRS - CONTINUOUS                                                  
          Mum flings open the doors to each bedroom, shouting at the           
          family to get up and come downstairs.                          
          INT KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS                                             
          Vanessa takes a carton of milk out of the fridge, opens        
          the cupboard and takes a packet of cereal.                     
          Dad sits at the table in a T-shirt and pajama bottoms          
          scratching his head.                                           
          Davey slouches nonchalantly in the chair.                      
          Mum takes a deep breath and waves the purse at them.                                   
                    I found this in the bin.                             
                    Who’s is it?                                         
                    It belongs to my cousin, Shirly.                    
          Vanessa pours milk on her cornflakes.                          
                    What’s it doing in our bin?                          
                    Good question.                                       
                    Is there any money in it?                            
          Mum sighs and bangs the purse on the table.                    
                    No, there isn’t, but that’s not                      
                    the issue. I’m more concerned                        
                    about how it got there.                              
                    What you looking at me, for?                      
                    I’d like to think there is some                      
                    logical explanation for this. But                    
                    I don’t think even Roald Dahl                          
                    could be that imaginative.                           
                    It wasn’t me, Mum. Honest.                           
          Vanessa arches indignant brows.                                                         
                    Well, it certainly wasn’t me!                        
          Tears well in mum’s eyes.                                      
                    When one of you feels like owning                    
                    up, I’ll be in the lounge. Until                     
                    then, don’t even try and talk to                     
          She puts the purse down and walks away.                        
          EXT COLLEGE - DAY                                              
          Various groups of teens occupy the grounds. Vanessa            
          approaches a mixed bunch of youths and greets them with a      
                    Hi, guys. What’s the latest?                         
          They walk off towards the entrance heads bowed together,       
          chattering away.                                               
          INT COLLEGE CANTEEN - CONTINUOUS                               
          Vanessa orders a cappuccino and pays with a twenty pound       
          note. She hands the ten pound note in the change to a girl     
          in jeans and a baggy jumper.                                   
                    Here’s that tenner I borrowed                        
                    from you. Sorry I took so 
                    long to pay it back.                                  
          The girl takes the note and grins.                             
                    Better late then never.                           
          INT UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE - SAME DAY                             
          Davey slouches in a chair opposite an adviser. He stares       
          in to space looking bored.                                     
                    So what jobs did you apply for                       
                    last week?                                           
                    This and that.                                                                           
                    We need proof that you’re                            
                    actively seeking work or your                        
                    benefit could be suspended.                          
                    I filled out about twenty                            
                    application forms. I didn’t even                     
                    get one interview.                                   
                    Why do think that might be?                          
                    Cos I’m English, init? and not                       
          The adviser sighs.                                             
                    Sign there. And next week, don’t                     
                    forget to bring the slips. I                         
                    can’t keep bailing you out.                          
          A small smile plays at the corners of her lips.                
                    You missed a wicked party on                         
                    Saturday. Stu and Ally went                          
                    public. They are officially an                       
          Davey stands up to go.                                         
                    Yeah, I know. Saw it on facebook.                    
                    Might see you down the town                          
                    lunchtime ... if you’re still                        
                    Cool ... I’ll look out for ya.                       
          The adviser gives a shy smile. Davey waits till he’s out       
          of sight, and pulls his face into a grimace.                   
                    Not if I see you first.   
			  EXT GOVERNMENT BUILDING - CONTINUOUS.                                       
          A youth dressed in similar attire to Davey leans against       
          the wall smoking. The door opens and Davey walks out. The      
          youth falls into step beside him. Together they walk up        
          the street past Boots chemist and into the LAS VEGAS           
          amusement arcade.                                              
          INT BUSY CALL CENTRE - AFTERNOON                               
          Mum sits at a desk and adjusts her earphones. Stress lines     
          crease her face as she talks rapidly into the mouth piece.     
          The colleague sitting opposite raises her brows in concern     
          when Mum’s voice gets louder.                                  
                    Awkward customer?                                    
          Mum nods. The colleague presses a button.                      
                    Here, pass them on to me. I’ll                        
                    deal with it. You’re just not                        
                    yourself today.                                      
          Mum mumbles her thanks and slips off the head set.             
                    I’m just nipping out for a sec.                      
          INT LADIES TOILET CUBICLE - CONTINUOUS                         
          Mum sits on the closed toilet seat and takes the leopard       
          skin purse out of her bag. She extracts a handful of           
          passport sized photos and stuffs them in an envelope.          
          INT LAS VEGAS AMUSEMENTS - REAL TIME                           
          Loud noises flashing lights a handful of people playing        
          gaming machines.                                               
          Davey and the youth huddle over a fruit machine. Davey is      
          concentrating on line of flashing lights.                      
          Davey wacks the nudge button. The lights go crazy and a        
          loud jingle signifies a win. The machine spews out pound       
          coins by the score.                                                                
                    Yes! whoop whoop!                                    
          Lots of cheering and high fives. The manager looks up from     
          where he chats to a school-girl in a micro skirt. He gives     
          a curt nod. Davey and the youth scoop up the coins from        
          the bottom of the tray.                                        
          INT BUS - DAY                                                  
          Vanessa has her head  stuffed in a purple folder. She          
          flicks over the pages of various hair styles with detailed     
          descriptions underneath. Her mobile rings, she answers and     
          glances out of the window. She frowns as she sees Davey        
          and the youth coming out of the arcade.                        
                    Sorry. Can I ring you back?                          
          She cuts the call and shouts to the driver.                    
                    Hey, I missed my stop. Can I get                     
          An elderly woman looks up from her knitting.                   
                              ELDERLY WOMAN                              
                    Too late now, dear. You’ll have                      
                    to wait till the next stop.                          
          Vanessa looks anxious as she peers out the window at her       
          brother and his mate sloping up the street.                    

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