Supernatural Fiction posted April 8, 2011

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The Watery Grave

by sweetwoodjax

Her screams have haunted him for years, her words echoing in his mind. He took her out to the middle of the lake that night, a dark and gloomy night befitting the foul deed.

With a gentle kiss to her lips, he took the ropes and bound her tightly. Her eyes widened in fear, knowing what he planned. "You will hear my voice in your dreams until the day I come back for you!"

He had mocked her then, and told him of his plans to marry her best friend, Lila, the beautiful girl she brought home for the summer. Knowing that his family would never approve of breaking up with a prize like Rebecca, he had devised this plan to rid himself of the anchor around his neck. Her screams died in the gurgles of the lake water.

Her body was never found and he found solace in the arms of Lila. Six months after they married, Lila was pregnant with their child and decided to take a walk on the edge of the lake. She disappeared and was never seen again.

That night, he swore he heard Rebecca's voice, taunting him that he didn't get what he wanted. Night after night, year after year she taunted him. He would wake at night to the sound of her voice, her screams. He walked the edge of the lake daily, hoping to dispell the prophecy she had left with him.

Then, after twenty years of torment, he saw Rebecca walking from the water, still wrapped in the ropes he bound her in. She took him by the hand and led him to his watery grave.


thank you to Loyd Taylor for the perfect picture

remembered a poem i wrote and wrote a story to go along with it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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