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The relationship of the sun as summer fades

The Wayward Sun Part II

by RuralFrights

Summer approaches in dust and debris
Like a buzzard flocks near dying prey
Clacking and hovering above her
She snatches Spring's flowers
Destroys their bowers
Seducing and swearing
They may flourish at all hours
She charms Her warm winds
They may blow hard and longer
Than with ailing mother Spring
Summer's warmth is stronger

Summer slaps and shoos
At Spring's weary squalls,
Snickering at her pitiful lashes
Statuesque summer
Untouched and unbothered
Persists in her thievery
Infertile yet a robbe
Of Spring, who was fertile

Summer covets the children
Of Springtime's bearing
Impregnated again
Feeble and despairing
Of Sun's northward fleet
Faithful of his return
For nine months to weep
In her limp and lifeless yearn
To flourish again in sunny rays
Spring longs for May
And her life-filled days

Fickle as a weather vane
A fiery stifling demon
Grave as a venomous serpent
Dashing like her hummingbirds
Hastily burdened by the Sun
And his silly spineless love
Their melodious duet
Muffled by Summer's hands of death
She craftily seeks to sing alone
Through her cruel demonic measures
Her wicked trance abruptly ends
Shattering her promised treasures

The agent of Summer's death
A dreaded foe of forceful demise
Combating Summers ending breath
Heeding not her pleading cries

She blasts the Sun southward
With her piercing, fiery sway
Behind her fading solstice
The mirth of his brief stay

Her failing chuckling sighs
Her ice-cold lashes
Like an animal turns dangerous
When scurrying afar to die
Alone and dejected
Sun grieves a mournful cry

He shouts and swears
Trudging the lone road southward
Drained of his strength
From synchronizing with summer
In the days' narrowing length
He mourns for his children
Sobs sadly over Spring
Of inflicted wrongs against her
Through his sweltering summery fling

Oh blithering Sun!
What a fool!
You damned fool!
Now all things warm
Are dead and cool
Soon to be frozen
You must bow and show face

You mean nothing to winter


PLEASE NOTE: this is part II. The approach of the cold season and the personification of the sun and seasons. A turbulent love affair as the sun hits its high point at the peak of summer, then slowly fades south at summer's end. NOTE: SOME OF THE WORDS ARE CAPITALIZED TO EMPHASIZE PERSONIFICATION VIA PROPER NOUNS
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