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My Amazing Muse

by seewhatimwritingnow

My Muse and I have a good thing going. Always have. Sometimes she's a bit overwhelming, shoving ideas, poems and stories at me faster than I can write them down, but I know she always has my best interest at heart.

I become a little irritated, those times when I have company and I'm completely engrossed in conversation with my guests, and here she comes, tap-tap-tapping at my mind's door.  

My Muse can be quite unpredictable. Now, as she's demanding my attention, I must  try to continue conversing, as though nothing is happened, while in the back of my mind, I'm trying desperately, to remember what my Muse has just whispered to me! 

"Excuse me," I smile politely at my guests, as I rise from my chair and head for the other room, where I quickly grab a pen and paper and, obligingly, scribble a short verse and a few key-words of my Muse's latest brain-storm!
I'm then left in peace. Well... sort of, as I now have an intense desire to run for my laptop. But I resist the urge, and hear my Muse giggling in the background of my mind.  
On the morning of December 31st, my hubby and I were enjoying a peaceful New Year's Eve at home, watching the snow falling outside our picture window. We cuddled there on the sofa, in front of a crackling fire, and just as he was gathering me in his arms, I received a sudden urgent message from my Muse!
"I need to meet with you today!" comes the oh-so-familiar voice.
"WHAT NOW?"  I mentally shriek, as I  jump, turning my head quickly, causing hubby's carefully aimed kiss to land somewhere in the vicinity of my nose. 
"It’s New Year's Eve, for Pete's sake!"  I continue my mental outburst with my Muse. 
"I need to meet with you today! " she repeats, "It's URGENT!"
I regain control of my emotions and smile sweetly at hubby,
"Honey,"  I coo,  "would you mind terribly, running to the store and getting me some ginger-ale?  I have this craving for it, and we're completely out."
Looking a bit stunned at my sudden request, he rises from the comfort of the sofa, stretching while rubbing the back of his neck, "Well sure, Babe" he says, "If you gotta have it.  I'll be right back."  He grabs his car keys, puts on his coat and heads out the door.

I sweetly wave to him, feeling the utmost guilt, as the poor dear heads out the door. 

"OKAY!"  I  now speak out to the empty room. "I'm all yours, what is it?"
Suddenly, I'm astounded as a beautiful, pink glow fills the room. Floating there  before me, in person, is my Muse swirling beautifully, in a kaleidoscope of colors! 
"I'm taking this New Year's Day off." she announces, right out of the blue.

"I hope you don't mind," she goes on, "but I'm just tired of constantly coming up with all this stuff, and I really need a break!

I'm secretly thinking, 'YOU need a break?', but I keep my cool.
As I watch, the smoky pink glow, my Muse begins to take on an array of different forms... I can only stare, in utter amazement!  

One minute she's an angel, floating in white cloudy smoke, whirling there before me, a vision straight  from the portals of Heaven. Then, she turns ever so slightly, and becomes an evil-looking serpent, surrounded in green smoke.  She then suddenly, becomes an innocent child. 

My Muse is completely amazing! She's a Muse of many moods and faces.
HEY, now she looks like ME!
"What's going on, Muse?"  I ask, completely mystified, "You're taking the whole day off?"  
I suddenly realize the seriousness of this meeting, and I wonder if she's preparing to leave me…forever?
The thought absolutely terrifies me!  I try to find my voice, even as she continues to turn and swirl in her glowing, ever-changing colors.
"You mean my mind will be a blank for the entire DAY?"  I cringe at the thought.
 "What will I post on Fanstory tonight?" I find I'm whining. 
She replies, as now, spinning there before me, glowing in blue, is a grouchy, old woman. "Dag-nab-it! You'll be on your own, young'un!" she scolds.

I stifle a giggle, as she spins. and in a flashing red glow, she now becomes a… devil?

WOW! This Muse of mine is certainly versatile!  A Muse of many faces. I find myself laughing, as she now rotates in a prism of many colors,  becoming a silly clown, wearing a red, jester's hat!

Now where have I seen THAT face before?  Hummmm, has MY Muse been moonlighting?

"I'm going to miss you." I say, suddenly realizing that my Muse has never left me alone before. 
"You don't really appreciate me" She suddenly cries, a big tear rolling down her, now lovely, face.
I stop and think... It's true! I've never actually thanked my Muse for all of the many poems and stories that she's so freely given to me.

Sometimes I've even complained, those times when she kept me awake all night.

I remember the time she had me running through the house with water and shampoo dripping from my head, just so I could write what she'd whispered to me, as I washed my hair! 

She DIDN'T always pick the most opportune times, but she was always there for me, and never ignored me.

She couldn't help it if she had an over-active imagination.

But, oh my, yes...I DID appreciate her! I had just failed to let her know. She’d been with me for so many years, that I had taken her for granted!
"Oh, please don't cry, my dear Muse!" I pleaded, "I do appreciate you! I don't know what I would DO without you!"
Her now pink glow, suddenly wrapped around me, and I knew…

I had been hugged!

"I love you" she whispered.
"I love you too." I replied, feeling all cushy and sappy inside.
"You go right ahead, and take the day off" I smiled, "Enjoy your New Year's Eve, but please, return to me tomorrow!"
"Oh, I will" she promised, as she blew me a sweet kiss, and then her glowing form just evaporated up into the ceiling. She was gone.
Hubby returned, just at that moment, with a case of ginger-ale.  
"What are you staring at, Babe?" he asked, looking up.  I realized that I was still gazing up at the ceiling.
"Oh, nothing." I answered, as I stood up. "Just thought I saw a spider on the ceiling, that's all. Must’ve been a shadow."

"Let me pour you a glass of ginger-ale." He sweetly offered.

"Oh, I think a nice cup of hot cocoa would be much better!" I answered. "I'll fix us some."

"But, I thought...?" Hubby just shook his head, as he put the ginger-ale away.

My Sweetie and I enjoyed such  a pleasant New Year's Eve together. We sipped our cocoa, there in front of the fire, cuddled close together. First evening we'd spent together in a LONG time, that my Muse wasn't invading my thoughts.
That night we made love, like no other night before. I found that my mind wasn't wandering through imaginary meadows of tall waving grasses. There were no sea sides with crashing waves, no billowy white clouds, no ships sailing off into orange-ribboned sunsets.
Hubby had my full attention. I slept peacefully, with my head on his shoulder. WHAT A NIGHT!
Next morning, hubby's cheerful whistling, echoed from the bathroom,  like a newly-wed, as he shaved. I hummed, as I scrambled our eggs, fried our bacon, and poured our coffee.

”What’s that you say?”  I asked, looking wildly around the kitchen. 

I turned off the eggs, set the bacon aside, and headed for my office.
"Where ya goin', Babe?" hubby asked, patting me on the behind, as he passed me in the hall. "Breakfast ready?"
"Yes Dear." I answered, rushing on.

"I'll be RIGHT back." I yelled to him, as I turned on my computer.


I quickly begin typing... "
My Muse and I have a good thing going. Always have. Sometimes...  

New Year's Eve was over. Welcome back, Muse!   

Meet with Muse on New Year's Eve contest entry


Thanks so much moonwillow, for use of the lovely picture.
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Artwork by MoonWillow at FanArtReview.com

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