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Slowly Going Blind

by sweetwoodjax

My eyes beheld the beauty of the sunset last night. I try to savor each one I see,for soon, it will be only memories. For years, I took the sunset for granted. It was just the end to another day. Soon, I will not know day from night.

The room is growing dimmer now. My wife, I have to remember her face. Fifty years of marriage to the most beautiful woman in the world. She grasps my hands as if to let me know she'll always be there.

My grandchild sits on my knee, just ten years old and doesn't understand why Grandpa can't play hide and seek with her anymore. How can I tell her that soon, she can hide in the same room by just being quiet?

A beautiful labrador retriever is now my faithful companion. We are learning to communicate with each other. He went through months of training to be able to guide me. When I lose my sight, he will be my eyes.

My world has now grown dark, but my life is full of light. My friends and family help me through this process that is a new chapter of my life. My granddaughter now tells me everything that is going on. My lovely wife is there by my side, I touch her face and remember it. My memories have not been taken away from me. My guide dog whines and we take a walk. I am no longer afraid, for I am not alone.


A woman that taught my Sunday School class slowly went blind, but she remained in her own home by herself. She died in a house fire she accidently started. She was an angel and I miss her terribly. She gave me a book a couple of months before she died. She wanted me to have it because she was worried it would be thrown away. It was given to her in 1943. I have it in the safe now.

thank you to just_me_ilse for photograph that inspired this fiction. this was dedicated to her dad who's going blind
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