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You can't change a leopard's spots

Changing the Homosexual

by seewhatimwritingnow

Debbie was no stranger to homosexuality.
At a time in her life, she had hated and despised homosexuals, believing their sexuality was nothing more than a sinful 'choice'. She looked down on them as sinners, of the worst kind.
Until she realized that Brian,her younger brother, was homosexual.

Until she realized that he had always been homosexual and was born that way. This conflicted with everything that she had been taught, and had believed.
From the age of three or four, the family had noticed that Brian was 'different'. His mannerisms, the way he walked, his daintiness and fragility. He was...different.
He was such a sweet young boy, a sensitive child who cried easily, and was more interested in cooking and playing with dolls- typical girl things- instead of rough and tumble boy things.
At the age of fourteen he experienced horrible stomach pains. It was soon discovered that his body contained female ovaries, although the rest of his body was all boy. They also discovered that he had very high levels of estrogen in his body.  The ovaries were surgically removed. 
Debbie and Brian were raised by very religious, Baptist parents. Although Brian would always be homosexual, his parents taught him that 'acting out' on any homosexual desires would be a great sin. 

For the first time they realized that, contrary to what they had always believed and had been taught, their boy was indeed born a homosexual.
Brian did not act on his desires and remained celibate. He was a Christian and attended church regulary.
It was obvious though, to other church members, that Brian was indeed homosexual. Members did whisper behind his back. 

He would walk down the church hallways with a slight swish to his dainty body, and he would hold his arm out before him, as he'd walk, holding his wrist limply.

There wasn't a manly thing about this young man. He was very feminine, he was very pretty.
Brian was different. He stood out from the rest.
Eventually, he did have male friends who would visit him at home, his parents' home.  It was still believed that Brian was not 'acting' on his desires, but only enjoying the company of his male friends.
Debbie also enjoyed the company of Brian's friends...especially David.  He was two years younger than Debbie, and she found herself often flirting with him, having a strong attraction for him. 
She spoke to her mother about David, telling her how she felt.  Her mother said "Debbie, I believe David may be a homosexual, like our Brian." 
Debbie had already considered this, but David looked 'all man' to her. She also knew that he returned the interest that she had in him..
She told her mother,  "Mother, I can change him, I know I can!" 
Now, David was coming to the house and spending more time with her, than with Brian. 
One night, out in the back yard, David had finally kissed Debbie. He also confessed to her that he was homosexual, which didn't really come as any surprise to Debbie.  "I know I can change him!" Debbie continued to think.
And it appeared that she did! They fell deeply in love and married.  Within the next six years, they had a son and a daughter, Kathy and John.  David was a nurse at Bethesda hospital. Debbie worked as a receptionist for a car dealership.  They had a good life. 
But David soon became less affectionate towards Debbie. He seldom kissed her, unless it was a tap on the cheek, and their love life hit rock bottom. 
In their seventh year of marrage, Debbie went crying to her mother that David had left her...for another man!
She was heartbroken and devastated.
David cried, when he asked Debbie for a divorce. He explained that he had met a male patient, Carl, at the hospital, and they were deeply in love. He told Debbie that he did love her and their children, but he could never feel more for her than a deep friendship.  He explained that he had tried so hard, and he was very sorry.
Debbie knew in her heart that he was sincerely sorry.
Also, by this time, her brother Brian was no longer living the life of celibacy that he had led for so many years. He was now sharing a condo with a male companion.
They tried to attend church, the church that Brian had been raised in, together, but soon the cold shoulders and gossip drove them out.  Brian's parents soon came to accept the inevitable situation, but soon sold their home and moved to another state, as they too had lost many lifelong friends.
Debbie finally came to realize that homosexuality is something that cannot be changed, or cured.  She still loved David, but she let him go- like freeing a bird from a cage. He still remained friends with her and maintained his relationship with their two children. He was still their daddy. He was a good daddy.
The children also loved Daddy's new partner, Carl. 
All of this happened many years ago. Their children, Kathy and Johnny, are both grown now, and happily married with children of their own. Debbie remarried three years after her divorce from David.  
She remembered what she had confided in her mother... "I can change him!"
You cannot change a leopard's spots!  Right or wrong, nature forges straight ahead- always has, always will.


This is a true story.
Thanks to StRyCh9 for the great picture! Betty
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