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A delicious lifestyle

Dark Chocolate with Liqueur Centres

by fionageorge

Life is like a box of chocolates Contest Winner 
If life is like a box of chocolates, my life is definitely a box of the darkest of dark chocolates with delicious, juicy, soft liqueur centres, each one sweet and soft.

Close your eyes and you'll see me soaking in a natural rock-pool, deep in Tasmania's untouched rain-forest. The sun's rays, the colour of pineapple liqueur, shine through the canopy of tall trees onto the damp fronds of the huge green man-ferns. Shafts of light create a natural wonderland, a place of beauty and serenity. A place untouched by human hands

I breathe in the purest and cleanest air in the world.

The sound of native birds provides music to accompany the chocolates and the bottle of sweet Dessert Riesling, produced from Tasmania's best grapes, grown in Northern Tasmania's Tamar Valley wine region.

The cool water soothes my body and doubles as a cooler for the wine. The sound of the cascading waterfall accompanies the birds as if orchestrating their song. A gentle breeze rustles the fronds and trees, like the sound of silver foil being torn apart to expose each chocolate's beauty.

A grey coloured wallaby watches me from the side of the pool, its Joey peeking from her pouch; their eyes the colour of cocoa.

The water massages my neck and shoulders, like soft satin liqueur. Velvet green moss, the colour of Creme-de-Menthe, provides a resting place for my head. One rounded rock supports my back and another acts as a smooth pillow for my feet.

I observe the stunning sandy beach, the colour of white coconut liqueur, through the trees. The ocean stretches to the horizon, like Blue Curacao liqueur. Small waves roll onto the silky sand. In the distance a group of dolphins frolic in the water, the sun reflecting on their shiny grey skins.

I open the box and gently pick up one chocolate between finger and thumb. Peeling away the foil I wrap my lips around the chocolate and savour the cherry liqueur centre, as it drips down my chin. The combination of the dark chocolate and the liqueur is exquisite. I close my eyes to fully absorb and enjoy its sweet flavour.

Another wallaby joins me along the side of the pool. A flock of pink and white galahs land on a branch above me. Their loud squawks momentarily disturb the peace. Their beady eyes look at me and my box of chocolates, precariously balanced on a rock.

For a moment I sense they plan to swoop down and take my chocolates. I see the temptation in their red eyes. I outstare them. They turn disdainfully, squawk again, and fly off as if on cue.

Then a kookaburra comes down and perches itself on the branch vacated by the galahs, and starts to laugh. A raucous, loud laugh. I join him; our voices reverberate through the forest. He stops laughing and he too flies off.

I take a few sips of the sweet wine and allow it to roll around my mouth. Its coolness refreshes my palate and accompanies the chocolate to perfection.

Relaxed, I savour each chocolate, each one followed by a few sips of the sweet wine.

In the sky, small clouds gently float, as if waiting for the breeze to waft them away. The sun begins to dip, preparing for its final show of the day. Its bright golden rays create a gold lace edging around each small cloud.

I'm mesmerised by them. They change from balls of white cottonwool, to angels and animals, flowers and birds. It's as if a miracle is taking place in front of my eyes. A world of wonder in the sky reflects the beauty of my surroundings.

As the last chocolate slips between my lips, its sweet coffee liqueur centre soothing my tongue, the wallabies bounce away into the forest. It is now completely still, except for the sound of the waterfall.

Again, I take another deep breath, savour its freshness, and exhale.

The pool's water cools as the shadows around me lengthen.

The dolphins are no longer playing; the sun's rays pierce the rippling waves, glistening, moving. There are no animals to be seen. Like the chocolate box, the forest feels deserted.

The last drop of wine slides down my throat as I watch the sky turn amazing colours of pink, orange and red. Each cloud is now like the centre of the liqueur chocolates, soft and ready to drip.

I invite you to join me here in Tasmania, our island paradise. We live at a slow pace, giving us the chance to enjoy nature in all its glory. Like a box of dark chocolates with delicious, juicy, soft liqueur centres, we savour and enjoy life.

Writing Prompt
If life is like a box of chocolates, my life is definitely ___________ (what kind of candy and why.) See additional details in the announcement.

Life is like a box of chocolates
Contest Winner


Contest Entry:
If life is like a box of chocolates, my life is definitely ___________ (what kind of candy and why.) Write a story (minimum of 700 words - no more than 2500) based on the above prompt.

786 words.

Written in Australian English.
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