Spiritual Poetry posted March 31, 2010

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A Storyline from Gethsemane to Heaven and Back

I Saw My Christ

by Dustman6180

I saw my Christ in the Garden, kneeling
As He looked up to the sky
I couldn't imagine what He was feeling
Knowing He was about to die

He knelt there in the garden, praying
His hands folded in the night
"Abba, Father," I heard Him saying
He was such a precious sight

Then beads of blood from His face were flowing
To heaven He did cry
He pleaded with His Father, knowing
That the time was drawing nigh

Two natures could be seen most clearly
Both human and divine
As I heard those words I'll treasure dearly
"Thy will be done, not mine"

Then angels could be seen appearing
Unto Jesus they did tend
As they ministered, I thought, how caring
For God, His son, to send

A light from heaven shown 'round Him brightly
As men with torches neared
One man came forth, and kissed Him lightly
The time had come, I feared

I watched with tears as they departed
My eyes on Jesus stayed
I knew His trials had only started
"Give Him strength, My God," I prayed

I saw my Christ before the people, standing
All battered, bruised, and weak
"Crucify Him!" I heard them demanding
But yet, He would not speak

I felt my heart into sorrow, sinking
As I heard the Great Pilate, say
"Let it be done according to your thinking
"But I wash my hands this day"

Throughout the streets, the people were flocking
As Jesus the Savior walked by
All I could hear was laughing and mocking
But still, I saw love in His eyes

I cried as He walked up to Calvary's hill
So tired from the cross that He bear
For I knew of the scriptures, He would fulfill
And how they all pointed to here

His hands and His feet were then nailed to the tree
They lifted Him up in the air
The children of Israel were flocking to see
My innocent Christ hanging there

I saw my Christ on the cross, barely living
Great pain I could see on His face
He hung there in silence, His heart still forgiving
The sins of a fallen race

He shouted aloud, so all there, could hear it
He spoke to His Father and said
"Father, to You, I commit now my spirit"
With that, He then bowed His head

The powers of heaven were shaken just then
The veil in the temple was rent
My Christ had just died, to free me from sin
For this, from my God, was He sent

He was placed in a tomb, in a garden nearby
Where no other man ever lay
There, was His poor, lifeless body to lie
Until He arose the third day

The first day of the week, my Savior arose
He was seen by one, there at the tomb
He later appeared to the men that He chose
While they hid in an upper room

Then Jesus stood before the apostles, saying
"My peace, I leave with you
"Go, teach the world, My word obeying
"Whatever you ask, I'll do"

I watched as Christ was taken up
To be with the Most High
I thanked Him for not passing the cup
Then I bowed my head to cry

I'll see my Christ someday, returning
To take me home again
Of that day, I'm ever yearning
Even so come, Lord Jesus, Amen.

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This is a poem I started writing 32 years ago when I first surrendered my life to my Savior. I completed it four years later, almost 28 years ago today. I hope you are all blessed by the story, if not by the poem. Thanks for reading.
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