Spiritual Poetry posted March 25, 2010

This work has reached the exceptional level
Inspired by someone I know...

-The Veteran- Missing in Action?

by InHisownwrite

A very poor man in need of a house
Lived in a field of tall grass and mouse
The mice would nibble his toes at night
Sometimes just a nibble, but often a bite
A raggedy blanket he used for a tent
A symbolic home, no mortgage, no rent
His meager meals were spread right there
On a broken lap and a broken chair
Splintered and chipped, it sat in the field
Standing out in the distance like a soldier's shield
Suggesting to all when the man wasn't there
He soon would be back governing his chair
It sat very regal like a throne's silent brag
Attached to one arm, an American flag
It waved in the breeze like the raggedy tent
And even the privileged knew what it meant
Most were too busy going about the day
Wishing in their hearts it would all go away
The chair and the man, the blanketed house
The tall grassy field and wandering mouse
Even at times, the American flag
Its tranquil reminder became such a drag
They too, were responsible for what the flag meant
That waved in the breeze like the raggedy tent

Day after day, time after time
The seasons would pass, the temperatures climb
Climb to the top, then fall way below
The raggedy tent, stiff in the snow
The broken chair laden with patches of ice
The American flag would wave once or twice
Wave once or twice, stiff in the breeze
The very poor man in the tent on his knees
On his knees thanking God for the food on his plate
Though the food too was frozen, frozen he ate
The tall grassy field like diamond covered spears
That glistened in the sun protecting through the years
Protecting the man and his raggedy tent
As the outside world came and went

There once was a soldier who went off to war
The call of his country he couldn't ignore
He didn't like killing, the bleeding, the dying
Broken inside, sometimes even crying
But he was a soldier, and soldiers stood tall
Raising the flag, never letting it fall
And then he came home to liberty's shore
The country he fought for, seemed to ignore
This very poor man in need of a home
Still fighting like a soldier, somehow forced to roam
The streets of the city, in search of a friend
When will his seeking come to an end?
How many souls came by and went?
Passing by this soldier and his raggedy tent

Passing by the flag that waved in the breeze
Passing by the man who knelt on his knees
They too were responsible, for what the flag meant
The heart of the veteran carries a scent
A scent of war still follows him around
Landing there with him on peaceful ground
Still fighting for freedom, though often his own
Not quite dressed for battle, this time alone
He's Missing in Action, though the stars and stripes fly!
People he fought for, just passing him by...

Bryan Miles c. 03-25-10
All Rights Reserved

Poem of the Month contest entry


Inspired by: The Message Bible
2 Samuel 19:5 Your actions give a clear message; officers and soldiers mean nothing to you.
Proverbs 21:13 If you stop your ears to the cries of the needy, your cries will go unheard, unanswered.
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