Satire Fiction posted March 20, 2010

This work has reached the exceptional level
Sometimes a hangin' ain't easy

Hang em high

by seewhatimwritingnow

I look at the boss.
The boss's eyes quickly shift away from my glance.
Is it my imagination, or does the boss seem nervous today?
Nah.. people like THAT have nerves of steel!
Today, the boss is just overly anxious.
I pass the mirror in the hall as I head for the door
Beads of perspiration, betray my outward calm.
I wipe my forehead
and dry my sweaty palms, on my jeans. 
I  hear the boss laugh.
As my boots hit the dirt, I hear the boss cry out
The voice trails me...
Yeah, I dismally reflect back to the last time they got away.
I had been so careful.
They were just too much for me to handle!
No sooner had I pulled them from my wagon, then
they went flying across the field.
Never saw em again.

The boss won't let me forget.
I lied, and told the boss that I had pursued them.
Truth is...
I just stood there, and watched em as they made their desperate 'get away'.
It won't happen again.
This time, I'll hang em high
and leave em flappin' in the wind!

Showing no emotion I shove em into the back of my wagon.
What drives a man to do such a thing?
and a fear of the boss.
Of course the boss always says...
"We're jest gettin' rid of a bunch of trash!"
What the boss calls "Trash", a lot of folks
see as 'downright decent' with a lotta good still in em!
But, the 'boss' is the 'boss'.
Yeah- I'll hang em high, and everybody in town will gather to watch!
They all know who I am- they know what I'm doin'.
They laugh, and get downright excited!
Even the little kids.

Soon, they'll be scramblin' and fallin' all over each other...
Just to get a better 'look'.
It never fails to surprise me
the sort of folks that turn out for these things.
Rich...Poor.. Even my mother gets a 'kick' out of it.
Well... there it is.  The 'hangin' tree!.
I roughly pull em out of the wagon.
My grip is firm this time..
How I hate it!
I look at em- they don't say much, but then, they never do.
I wipe the sweat from my brow, as I vow
"Never again!"
How many does this make? After awhile, ya tend to forget.
It's over.
I stand there with my hands shoved into my pockets lookin' up at em..
They're movin' some, but they won't get away.
I climb back into the wagon, and leave em flappin' in the wind.
Already the town folks are gatherin' round..
An old lady looks at me.. disgust written on her face.
I can tell that she hates these things.
"Lady" I think "I know how you feel!".
Well... the boss is waitin' for me,
"Did you hang em high?" sez the boss..

I cringe. I'm sick of it!
The next time, I decide right there and then,
the boss can do this dirty work alone!
Finally, I find my voice.
and I speak up, feeling no fear of the boss.
"From now on" I clear my throat,.

"FROM NOW ON, you can hang them danged
It felt good.



Just a little humor from a sick mind. LOL- Betty
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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