Satire Poetry posted January 20, 2010

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Two Hillbillies Talk Politics

Hillbilly Election

by Dustman6180

Are you a plannin' to vote, Lamore?
By gosh, I'm plannin' to.
Can ya tell me who ya votin' for?
Don't rightly know just who.

Every vote should count, you know?
For sure, you're probly right.
Good grief! Decide before you go!
Heck, I've got until tonight.

I just thought by now you'd know that.
Just don't, that's all there be.
Katie's a votin' for the democrat.
Likes the Liberal type, does she?

Must, 'cause it's obvious her plan.
Nice guy, I do suppose.
Or else, he's just a good lookin' man.
Perhaps, who really knows.

Quince is going Republican.
Really? That's not a fib?
Sure is. Believe it if ya can.
That's a shock, He seems the Lib.

Up yonder way, they counted chads.
Votin' ain't no easy chore.
Why? Don't they still use writing pads?
X's ain't used no more.

Yawn. I'm so tired, I feel so spent...
Zzzzzz. ( Lamore for president...)

Abecdarian Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write an abecdarian poem, using the 26 letters of the alphabet chronologically. An abecedarian poem is a special form of an acrostic poem, in which the initial letters of the words beginning each line or stanza spell out the alphabet in order.


With politics ever in the news -- this is a satirical look at two hillbillies discussing the upcoming election. Hope you enjoy. Spelling and puncuation is purposefully in error.
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