Children Fiction posted November 25, 2008

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I want to wipe out gangs

Hello everybody! My name is Oatmeal and I am a children's author. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I spent most of my life there.

I would see news reports about gangs on the television. I knew that it was there but I never felt the problem until it was happening where I lived. There was gunfire most every night just like on t.v. There were sirens at all hours of the night. The people that had the guns were children. The ones dying were also children. It was Hell.

That was when I decided that I would give my life to help save the children. I would do whatever it took, I decided that I would go the distance no matter how many times I was knocked down. I would do it alone if I had to.

The first thing I did was I started writing stories to give them new ideas and entertain them. Later I would also have animal stories. Some were based on real life situations. Stories that were not too long.

Then I built a children's site for them. My site reached children in other cities, other states all over the world. The site had positive quotes, poems, stories, crafts, games and things to do. I strived to let them know that they were loved.

I wanted to give them options. To help them have dreams and goals.

My site became the #1 children's site on the net! I was excited. I was going to save lives! Then the people that hosted me and who supplied my pictures and artwork closed me down. I do not know what happened but I lost it all. This was one of the saddest days in my life.

I moved to Missouri about a year later. I still had my dream. I enrolled in college and took classes to teach me how to build a site that belonged to me.

Recently I posted an ad to see if I could get some help. Four people have offered to help me.

We are not an army but just a few people. There is a lot that we need. Pictures and artwork to display. Even one picture would help our cause.

I would love to hear your ideas and your feelings.

Here is one of the very first things that I wrote for the kids.


When I was a child I was happy but I felt that children were not important. I thought that when you grew up you became important. How very wrong I was! Why? Because you will be the ones inventing new electronics for the next generation. It will be you who will be making or changing the laws of our land. The best and most important part of this is that it is you who must raise the children! Don't you feel important now?

Here's the good part! These facts are proof of how very important I am right now! I have chosen to take on a job that earns very little pay and the chances of anyone noticing I'm even trying is not that good. I feel
that it will benefit some of you and that's good enough for me. I wish it would reach all the kids, but unfortunately many won't hear me. For those of you that it does reach, I hope you are strong enough to help carry on and improve this wonderful place we call home. I want to help make sure that you have a dream and that you are ready to do whatever you must to make that dream come true! Even if this means missing a program to study for a big exam. I want to make available to you the tools to make your own decisions in your life. I want you to have many reasons for wanting to finish your education.

I'm giving this new job of mine everything I have! I will try to do my job to the best of my ability so you can take over when I am through. I know that many will never even know my name, but I'm hoping that some day you'll read my stories to your kids! Believe in me because, baby, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Thank you so much.

Love you,



If there are good choices for the children then maybe we can save their lives.
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