Satire Fiction posted March 27, 2008

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I got this idea listening to Rush Limbough.

May I Have This Dance?

by knowledge

Word count 516.
The United States Presidential Election is over. McCain is now President McCain and Mitt Romney is now Vice President Romney. They won by a landslide! The Democratic Nominees could not be decided between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party literally closed in chaos. Both Clinton and Obama ended up on separate Democratic Party tickets. The National Democratic Party was almost parted down the middle. The Super Delegates of the Democratic Party were just about equally split down the centerline, as Rush Limbaugh was able to infiltrate the Democratic Delegates, including their Super Delegates.

Rush Limbaugh started a campaign of his own. He called it "Operation Chaos". People, Republicans and Democrats, laughed at the idea and said that it was just one of Rush's acts to get attention. No one took it seriously. They didn't realize how well it would work until the end of the Democratic Presidential Election, and then it was too late to do anything about it. The Democrats lost the chance to settle things by the deadline of the National Election Day, thus John McCain became President of the United States purely by default.

McCain still had ill feelings for Romney. He couldn't get over the past Republican Nomination Debates, as Romney continually out classed him in all of their political confrontations. Even though he won the nomination he still felt overwhelmed by Romney. He just felt that, no matter what, Romney would always upstage him.

The McCain/Romney ticket happened when the National Committee of the Republican Party advised Mr. McCain that Mr. Romney would be his best Vice Presidential running mate. It would bring the party together and solidify the Republican Voters. McCain said that he would rather have him as his financial adviser. Thereby, they would not have to meet as often as they would if they shared the ticket as President and Vice President.

The committee met to discuss another running mate for John McCain. But could not find another Vice Presidential candidate that would have the ability to do what Mr. Romney could do to bring the party together. The McCain/Romney ticket ran and won the United States Presidential Election.

There is a little dance that takes place between President McCain and his Vice President Romney, whenever they have a private conference. Just before the conference Mitt waits until John is busy at his desk with his back towards him. He silently sneaks up behind the US President and jabs him in the ribs. "BOO!" Mitt says loudly.

John jumps about a foot in the air and comes down holding his chest, "You just about give me a heart attack every time you do that!"

Mitt turns away from the President and snaps his fingers quietly, and says under his breath, "Darn!" as he grins to himself thinking, "just a matter of time now...our dance continues..." As in all else, Romney is a very patient man.

This scene plays out just about every time they have a private meeting. Of course you know that the Vice President is only a heart beat away from the Presidency.

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