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Novel Endings
Instructor: Stacia Ann (Stacia Ann)
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Start Date: Monday, May 6th, 2013
Duration: Four Weeks
Class Size: 7 Students
Seats Left: 4

In this class, students will be completing a novel already started, usually in Novel Beginnings and Novel Middles. They will learn how to structure the resolution, how to address the main conflict and climax, and avoid being too pat while also giving the reader a sense of satisfaction and inevitability in the conclusion.

Week 1: Climax and Beyond
The beginning of the end. Addressing the first pages surrounding and after the climax." Draw to a conclusion elements foreshadowed earlier in the novel.

Read: Chapter 8 of "Great Gatsby"
Write: Chapter 8 of your novel.

Week 2: Closure
Closure of character development "loops" opened earlier. Showing the change in the protagonist directly related to the major story conflict.

Read: continue Chapter 8 "The Great Gatsby"
Write: continue Chapter 8 of your novel

Week 3: Denouement
Final untying of the plot complications, revelations of secrets, solving of puzzles or mysteries raised earlier

Read: Chapter 9 "The Great Gatsby"
Write: Chapter 9 of your novel

Week 4:Wrapping it All Up

Wrapping it up: Providing a sense of satisfaction without being pat. Leaving some plot threads uncut and "dangling," as in life (or to provide potential for a sequel).

Read: continue chapter 9
Write: continue chapter 9

Instructor: Stacia Ann
About The Instructor: Stacia Ann is an Linguistics Lecturer and Writing Instructor at the University of California. She has a doctorate of Education, Master's of Art in English/TESOL. This instructor has taught writing classes for over ten years. She also teaches academic writing and English as a Second Language at the University of the Pacific. A published author including works of short fiction and academic nonfiction including contest winning stories.

Only $99.00
Includes a free two month upgraded membership! Details
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