A Truck Load Of Hard Times!

Events In The Seventh Year Of The Authors Life
Dirt Poor Sharecropper's Are Bonded Heart And Soul.
Chapter 1

A Truck Load of Hard Times !

by junglefighter Posted December 28, 2016
Family / Non-Fiction
256 views | 44 reviews

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A Rabid Dog on the Old Wood Bridge!
Chapter 2

Rabid Dog!

by junglefighter Posted November 2, 2016
Family / Non-Fiction
217 views | 38 reviews

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A Fascination for Janice!
Chapter 3

The Bumblebee!

by junglefighter Posted January 9, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
218 views | 41 reviews

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My Father comes home for Christmas
Chapter 4

Coming home!

by junglefighter Posted January 14, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
217 views | 36 reviews

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Billy is lost in the woods and is freezing to death.
Chapter 5

I'm freezing!

by junglefighter Posted January 15, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
176 views | 27 reviews

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Billy is rescued!
Chapter 6

I've found Billy!

by junglefighter Posted January 17, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
237 views | 37 reviews

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Sadly I watched, as our old homeplace burned to the ground.
Chapter 7

The Fire!

by junglefighter Posted June 2, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
191 views | 29 reviews

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After bitten by a Copperhead Snake, Grandpa dies.
Chapter 8

Saying goodbye to Grandpa!

by junglefighter Posted January 27, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
284 views | 63 reviews

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Billy is mangled and almost killed by a Mountain Lion.
Chapter 9


by junglefighter Posted January 31, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
180 views | 32 reviews

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Billy is bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Will he die?
Chapter 10

A Brown Recluse for Billy!

by junglefighter Posted June 19, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
211 views | 45 reviews

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Quicksand for Billy!
Chapter 11

The Swamp!

by junglefighter Posted November 24, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
153 views | 24 reviews

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Bitten by a venomous snake Billy's death is imminent!
Chapter 12


by junglefighter Posted February 7, 2018
Family / Non-Fiction
146 views | 35 reviews

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A book by our own Alec Gould.

One man's take on life told thru humorous short stories from his childhood on into his mid-50's; from feeling like an outcast in school to being an adult. His intent: hope. Hope in that you shall see, no matter how rough life can seem -and is- at times, that you may be able to enjoy it. Each story will bring a laugh, a smile, a tear, a lesson.

The 23rd Annual Book Awards said:
"We Really Need To Laugh" shares “memories which will resonate with many readers. Overall a creative presentation of the author’s life given in a rather sing-song poetic story telling style; a pleasant read"

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A book by our own barbara.wilkey.

Paige Swanson inherits her aunt's mansion and moves to Savannah, Georgia. There she meets Cash Wilkins, the architect hired to restore the home to its full glory, and Bradley, the resident ghost - a Confederate soldier killed in the Battle of Chickamauga.

Locals believe Civil War treasure's hidden in the mansion. Paige's new home becomes a target for thieves. Both Cash and Bradley vie to protect her. Who will succeed? Will Paige find an even greater treasure; romance with Cash?

This novel weaves a tale of romance, history, and ghostly mystery that keeps readers enthralled from the first page to the last.

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