A Truck Load Of Hard Times!

Events In The Seventh Year Of The Authors Life
Dirt Poor Sharecropper's Are Bonded Heart And Soul.
Chapter 1

A Truck Load Of Hard Times !

by junglefighter Posted December 28, 2016
Family / Non-Fiction
227 views | 44 reviews

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A Rabid Dog on the Old Wood Bridge!
Chapter 2

Rabid Dog!

by junglefighter Posted November 2, 2016
Family / Non-Fiction
193 views | 37 reviews

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A Fascination for Janice!
Chapter 3

The Bumblebee!

by junglefighter Posted January 9, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
193 views | 40 reviews

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My Father comes home for Christmas
Chapter 4

Coming home!

by junglefighter Posted January 14, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
190 views | 35 reviews

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Billy is lost in the woods and is freezing to death.
Chapter 5

I'm freezing!

by junglefighter Posted January 15, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
150 views | 26 reviews

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Billy is rescued!
Chapter 6

I've found Billy!

by junglefighter Posted January 17, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
213 views | 36 reviews

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Sadly I watched, as our old homeplace burned to the ground.
Chapter 7

The Fire!

by junglefighter Posted June 2, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
165 views | 29 reviews

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After bitten by a Copperhead Snake, Grandpa dies.
Chapter 8

Saying goodbye to Grandpa!

by junglefighter Posted January 27, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
246 views | 63 reviews

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Billy is mangled and almost killed by a Mountain Lion.
Chapter 9


by junglefighter Posted January 31, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
142 views | 32 reviews

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Billy is bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Will he die?
Chapter 10

A Brown Recluse for Billy!

by junglefighter Posted June 19, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
169 views | 45 reviews

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Quicksand for Billy!
Chapter 11

The Swamp!

by junglefighter Posted November 24, 2017
Family / Non-Fiction
14 views | 5 reviews

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